Harris College reunion brings back fond memories

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Former Harris College students reunited at UCLan to celebrate institutions 190th year

Former students from years gone by reunited as part of UCLan’s 190th anniversary celebrations

Former Harris College students had the chance to reunite and share old memories, as the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) hosted a reunion for Harris Alumni as part of a series of events to celebrate 190 years of existence.

62 alumni attended the event to reminisce about their time at the Harris College, as UCLan was formerly known. The eldest alumni in attendance studied at the College in 1944, with the youngest in 1971.

The attendees of the event were treated to afternoon tea, giving them a chance to catch-up with old friends and look through a variety of memorabilia and artefacts. This included scarves, hats and badges, school prospectus’ and workbooks from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, and a photobook with a collection of old photographs from the Harris days.

UCLan Vice-Chancellor Professor Mike Thomas delivered a speech outlining the history of the University, sharing memories of years gone by and looking towards the future.

Speaking of the event, Professor Thomas said: “I am delighted that so many of our past students were able to attend the Harris Alumni Reunion, which we held to celebrate our 190th Anniversary.

“It was wonderful to meet such a wonderful and diverse group of people who are all so proud to be part of the legacy of the University and, of course, the City of Preston. I look forward to welcoming them back to the University again in the near future.”

I love being part of this University, I’m glad to work on the bursary and I have so many friends here.

Amongst the attendees was Arthur Whitlock, who studied at the college in the 1950’s. Arthur was a successful market trader in Lancashire and became a UCLan Honorary Fellow in 2016 for his local charity work, including his dedication to helping UCLan’s Harris Bursary Fund.

Looking back at his days at the University, Arthur said: “The sheer size of the place is the biggest difference from my time here.

“I’ve got a lovely friendship with everybody. Everybody knows me here. I love being part of this University, I’m glad to work on the bursary and I have so many friends here, every event that they have on there’s always someone that asks if I’m coming.”

View photos from the event on the UCLan Flickr gallery.

Friends reunited look back at the old Harris days

Peter McCarthy | 10 May 2018