ISEP: International Student Exchange Programme

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With over 300 member universities in the USA, and over 50 additional countries to choose from, ISEP really does open up the rest of the world.

What is ISEP and how does it work?

The International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP) is an international network that encourages student exchanges all around the world. These exchanges allow students to ‘swap’ places with other students at universities that are also members of ISEP. Exchanges can be for a semester or for the full academic year.

How much does it cost? 

Students pay a fee to their home university based on the cost of tuition, fees, housing and a full meal plan (if applicable) at the home institution.

An application fee of $100* and a placement fee of $375* is paid directly to ISEP by the student.

Students that study through the ISEP programme may be eligible to receive £1000** bursary from UCLan.

*as of July 2019 **Correct as of 2019-20

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How do I apply?

Search for a program to find the institutions that offer your course.

Research the institution by using the online directory on the ISEP webpage and the university’s main website.

Plan carefully and be flexible. Course information may not be available until shortly before your program begins, so have alternative options in mind.

Consider the location as this may be your only chance to study somewhere unique!

Contact the Study Abroad team to express your interest and start the ball rolling.

The ISEP website is a great source for information including Guides and Tips for your exchange.