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Whether it’s working in Europe, studying in the USA or further afield in Australia or Japan, it’s easy to apply. So, if you want to see the world, experience different cultures and enhance your career prospects, apply now – in SIX easy steps

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Visit the Study Abroad website; find out where you want to go and what your options are.

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You will need to liaise with your course leader to agree your exchange programme modules to ensure they fit in with your studies (not applicable to Modern Language students).

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You must book an appointment to see the study abroad team. You can do this by emailing us or ask the <i> to book you in. We run appointments every Wednesday 9am-4pm. 

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You will need to submit supporting documents along with your application pack – by the deadline. 

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We will provide you with the application pack which you can complete electronically or by hand. ISEP applications are to be completed online. 


Scan your full application pack and supporting documents and email them to us. You can also hand the originals into the <i> - just send us an email letting us know it’s there!

Sophie Wilson


One of my most rewarding experiences was being able to use Colorado Mesa’s unique facilities, which provided me with additional learning opportunities, which are unavailable at UCLan. The additional year gave me the chance to study modules that I’d be doing in my 3rd year at UCLan, so it was good preparation. We visited Utah and Arches National Park, which was a fantastic experience

Sophie Wilson, Forensic Anthropology, UCLan student who studied at Colorado Mesa

"I’m currently on a year abroad studying in Madrid and I love it! I study at Universidad de Carlos III which is twenty minutes south of the City Centre, but I live right in the centre of Madrid, around the corner from the Royal Palace. My classes are all in Spanish so were quite difficult at first, but I don’t have any problems now. I’ve done a lot of travelling since I’ve been in Madrid, around Spain, and also other countries, such as Portugal! I have made so many new friends from all over the world. I’m even going to California this summer to visit some of my semester one friends! Madrid is an amazing city with so much to do, so it’s impossible to get bored. The weather has been incredible- I am going to miss it when I come back to Preston. It’s cheesy and such a cliché but this has been the best year, and I don’t want it to end!"

Isabelle Strong, Languages, Studying in Madrid

Isabelle Strong

Students usually study abroad during their second year, so you’ll need to think about it and apply during your first year. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. We strongly advise you contact us once you have settled into university.

Students wishing to participate in the Study Abroad Exchange Programme must be able to provide a copy of their passport with at least six months validity following their expected return date. Application deadlines are as follows: 

Full Year/ Sem 1: 30th March
Semester 2: 30th October

Modern Languages (Japan & Korea)
Full Year/Sem 1: 30th March
Semester 2: 30th October

Full Year / Sem 1: 30th January
Semester 2: 30th October

Full Year/Sem 1: 15th February
Semester 2: 1st September

Students who do go on a study abroad exchange will pay their home institution fees and not the fees of the university they go to study at.

UCLan tuition fees are currently set at £9000 but if you choose to go on exchange for the full academic year, tuition is reduced to £1385*. A semester-only placement will remain at £9000.

* As of 2018-2019 academic year