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Exterior Film Set

Our purpose-built exterior film set consists of a street scene with public house, shop and residential houses (terrace) exteriors.

The set has been specifically designed to allow long tracking shots along one side of the street.

Students can learn how to set up and shoot with tracks and dolly, and also make use of handheld and gimble systems to track actors on the outside set.

The facility can also be used as a realistic environment for paramedic training and other similar applications.

Vehicle access is provided.

Detailed Information

Kit List

  • Public House façade
  • Shop façade
  • Terrace houses façade (2)
  • Metalled roadway with paint markings, pavement and kerbs
  • Street furniture
  • Secure temporary storage facility for equipment
  • IP Rated Exterior Power supplies


The set is open 24/7.

Use of the studios is by special arrangement.

Please note that this facility is used for scheduled teaching activities. The space may not be available for open access during these sessions.

General Enquiry