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We won't smash into a million pieces - just ask

Date and Time17 September 2021 - 1pm - 2pm
LocationOnline Event
We won't smash into a million pieces - just ask information
Criminal Justice Partnership
Entry Fee: Free
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Lads Like Us will be offering a talk on their lived experienced and exploring issues around trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Mike and Danny are founders of "Lads Like Us" an organisation born to encourage boys and men to speak about all forms of childhood trauma and ACEs in order to claim back their lives for themselves and to stop the vicious cycle of self sabotage which, in turn, has a positive impact on loved ones and the damage casued to sociaty when undealt with trauma plays out.

Mike and Danny are currently working on an outreach program/campaign called #FollowMeRKid - their form of restorative justice - for the damage they've caused to society by helping other men turn things round through their lived experiences, carrying a message of hope and encouraging transferable skills to change.

The seminar is based on their life experiences, good and bad, focusing on professional curiosity and the impacts on individuals and society. They will be sharing personal experiences of theirs and others where no question is off limits. The purpose is tto raise confidence levels when dealing with people who have experienced trauma and carry a message that we do recover when asked the right questions