Public Lecture: The History of the Toothbrush

Date and time
Thursday 6 June 2024 - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Room: Mitchell & Kenyon Theatre, Foster Building
University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2HE
Public Lecture: The History of the Toothbrush information
Entry fee: Free
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This talk will explain why it is important to clean your teeth and describe some alternatives to using a brush.

Peter Dyer will reveal the development of the toothbrush over thousands of years, why it is important to clean your teeth and some alternatives to using a brush.

Have you ever wondered why we clean our teeth? We often read conflicting articles about when, how and for how long we should brush or is that scrub, our teeth.

In this lecture, Peter Dyer, consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon, will describe how our ancestors managed to keep their teeth clean and, indeed, perform dentistry without a drill! He will describe how the toothbrush evolved from bristles to the sophisticated electronic brushes many of us use today.

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