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Pigment of Imagination: Online Theatre Event

Date and Time18 May 2021 - 7pm - 10.00pm BST
LocationOnline Event
Pigment of Imagination: Online Theatre Event information
Pigment Of Imagination
Entry Fee: Free
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Our project will feature 6-8 artists who will share pre-recorded videos of projects they have made as a direct response to COVID.

This will be sent to us and livestreamed at scheduled times for each artist. Following the broadcast of each artists work, they will appear live on stream with a compere to engage directly with the viewing audience for an after Q and A session. Viewers will have the opportunity to discuss with creatives their inspirations, their working methodologies, and the process(es) behind their work. They may also learn how they could get involved with such creative outlets and more background information on an artist. Artists will also share how they have stayed creative in the pandemic – for example, an actor establishing a new trainee company. The latter might also discover new target audiences or receive new perspectives on how to hone their practice and craft with live feedback. This will also serve as a networking space for artists and audiences – attendees can meet and discuss their creative interests with likeminded people, and our featured artists may also be seeking recruitment to work with new collaborators. As a diverse group of young people, we also aim to share different cultural values. For example, one member of our team is Portuguese – this could be a great opportunity to share work from international audiences with a multi-cultural audience that would usually be harder to achieve in person. The event would also be accessible for disabled creatives and spectators who may struggle to navigate certain spaces due to a lack of support, something we are also considerate of with regards to not only attendees but also in giving a fair chance of representation in our selection of artists, the current travel and social contact restrictions of course also being taken into account.