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Leading Lancashire: Leading Change and Transition

Date and Time01 December 2020 - 1.30pm - 4.30pm GMT
LocationOnline Event
Leading Lancashire: Leading Change and Transition information
Age Group: 16+
Target Audience: Lancashire Residents
Entry Fee: Free

Change projects and programmes are a key element of organisational life, with leaders playing a key role in describing the desired new state and driving changes through in terms of processes, people and systems.

Even what look like relatively simple changes can be met with fierce resistance and it can take a long time for benefits to be realised. Many leaders will focus the majority of their time and effort on the technical and logistical aspects of change and pay less attention to the psychological and cultural transition required during change.

By understanding the psychological and cultural factors influencing change more deeply, leaders can greatly improve their impact.

This workshop offers the opportunity to:

  • Focus in-depth on the psychological and cultural insights about sources of resistance to change and how to interpret individual responses to change.
  • Understand how you, as a leader, can most effectively intervene to influence psychological and cultural factors during change.
  • Learn how, as a leader, you can plan for both the ‘technical’ changes and psychological transitions.
  • Review your own approach to change leadership and identify areas for development.
  • Learn how in practical terms to apply practical tools to help you in leading transition.
  • Receive coaching and advice to produce your own tailored action plan.

Additional Joining Instructions:

To get the most from the experience, one week prior to the session you will be sent details of a short activity to be completed. This should take no more than 30 minutes.