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Connect Centre Webinar - Professor Sherry Hamby

Date and Time05 May 2021 - 4.00pm - 5.00pm
LocationOnline Event
Connect Centre Webinar - Professor Sherry Hamby information
Nicky Stanley
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Trauma is everywhere, but so is resilience

Studies on poly-victimization and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have revealed that victimization and trauma are more common than previously known, and that trauma dose, in the form of the number of types of adversities, is strongly associated with more than 40 biopsychosocial outcomes. Studies on ACEs have revolutionized our understanding of trauma by highlighting the importance of dose—the cumulative burden of adversities. Now, this insight is transforming research on resilience, which, like trauma, must be more common than previously recognized. ACEs research leads to new insights for resilience, regarding mechanisms, the role of dose, and best approaches for prevention and intervention. The latest science suggests that high doses of strengths (including individual, family, and community strengths) can counter even large doses of trauma. This presentation will present the latest findings, based on Dr. Hamby’s research and others, on overcoming trauma. Sherry Hamby, Ph.D. is Research Professor of Psychology at the University of the South, Director of the Life Paths Research Center (USA), and Founder and Co-chair of ResilienceCon. Dr. Hamby is an internationally recognized authority on victimization and trauma who is best known for her work in violence measurement, poly-victimization, and resilience. Her awards include Outstanding Contribution to the Science of Trauma Psychology from the American Psychological Association.