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Community Approaches to Criminal Justice

Date and Time09 June 2021 - 9am - 12.30pm
LocationOnline Event
Community Approaches to Criminal Justice information
Criminal Justice Partnership
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Despite numerous interventions over the years our prisons are still overcrowded and reconviction rates still high.

It is time for a new community-based approach to the criminal justice system? Is it time we think more about prevention and finding less punitive ways to address the root causes of offending behaviour and adverse childhood experiences? Does more money need to be invested in high quality therapeutic long-term community-based services? How do we ensure a whole system based approach to help all involved in the criminal justice system build a more effective and efficient system.

This symposium will hear from key voices in the world of criminal justice and we will hear their perspectives on what needs to be done to make a more just and efficient system for both victims and offenders.

If we focus on improving access to support, reducing waiting times, promoting education and employment there is potential to reduce the financial and political burden of the criminal justice system and have a more effective community response. A future where we have an emphasis on rehabilitation or improving life chances for everyone in our society.

Confirmed speakers include:

• Professor Dame Carol Black

• Detective Chief Superintendent Sue Clarke, Head of Lancashire Violence Reduction Network

• Scott Wakefield

• Louise West

• Mike Barton, former Chief Constable Durham Police

• Professor David Best

The event will provide an opportunity to:- To learn from key policy influencers about current priorities for services related to criminal justice- To engage with academics, key agencies, partners and service users in discussions on future directions

This event will be suitable for policy makers, practitioners, academics and students