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Centre for SME Development - Business Twilight Networking Event

Date and Time26 May 2021 - 4pm - 5.30pm BST
LocationOnline Event
Centre for SME Development - Business Twilight Networking Event information
Centre for SME Development

Reputation Experience Management - The Feedback Economy Driven by the pervasiveness of social media and digital communication channels, customers use these platforms to amplify and publicise their feedback about your business — positive or negative — with the potential for millions of eyes to see.

In this twilight event we will explore how the customer journey interacts with your marketing efforts, before, during and after a sale. Social Media plays an important role in customer service – how you might respond to feedback and reviews, branding your customer service touchpoints and even delivering good customer service when you are not actually there through the experience you deliver through your website. We are delighted to have Nikki Hesford, Managing Director of Hesford Media, a marketing agency specialising in online promotion, to share her expertise and insight.

We are also delighted to welcome Centre member, Joanne Boyd of CJX Business Services. Joanne has spent her career working in and with SMEs, national corporates and Global Fortune 1000 companies. Her goal is to deliver bespoke business growth solutions and client journey experience service to Lancashire businesses.

In this session you will:

  • Understand what Client Journey Experience (CJX) is and what it is not, the key principles and the crucial elements that will transform your organisation
  • In an increasingly competitive marketplace learn a completely revolutionary way of acquiring new Clients and understand how CJX can help your organisation stand out from the crowd
  • And as always, there will also be an update on financial support for businesses and ample time for members to deliver their 60 second pitches.