BSC Conference - keynote and panel speakers

This page includes details of keynote and panel speakers at the British Society of Criminology (BSC) Conference. It will be held at the University of Central Lancashire on 27 - 30 June 2023.

Wednesday 28 June

Paul Stretesky in a white shirt and brown blazer smiling
Professor Paul Stretesky
Interdisciplinary Criminologist

Paul Stretesky is an interdisciplinary criminologist interested in food, inequality and the environment. Professor Stretesky received his PhD from The Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice and is the author of ten books on crime, justice, food and the environment. He is described as one of the co-founders of green criminology, a field of study established in the late-90s that examines environmental harm through a criminological framework.

Claire Moore in a dress looking on and performing with dark backdrop
Certain Curtain Company
Claire Moore and John Woudberg

Claire Moore and John Woudberg, co-founded Certain Curtain Theatre Company, a professional touring theatre company in May 1989. The company is renowned for tackling sensitive and controversial subjects with dynamic originality and has been at the forefront of domestic abuse drama since 1995.

John and Claire have created a unique brand of theatre - writing and producing only original work – they aim to take the harsh, raw elements of life and language, mix them with a startling lyrical flavour and add a touch of attitude, to create something new, edgy and hopefully daring and dangerous - to give people what they don't expect!

Thursday 29 June

Denise Wilson
Professor Denise Wilson
Sustainability of women’s lives living under state violence (remote)

Dr Denise Wilson is an Associate Dean Māori Advancement and the Professor of Māori Health. Denise advocates for the improvement of health and social outcomes for whānau Māori (Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand), especially those affected by violence. She is a leading researcher on Māori/Indigenous whānau living with violence and improving health and social service engagement, cultural responsiveness, and workforce development. 

raven bowen with red hair smiling and a black blazer
Dr Raven Bowen
'Systems of oppression and abolitionist perspectives’ panel

Raven is the CEO of National Ugly Mugs (NUM), a UK-wide charity providing support and resources for adults in sex industries to facilitate violence prevention, promote healing and recovery from harm, and promote justice-seeking activities by, for and with sex workers. This organisation is unique to the global crime prevention landscape. Raven’s involvement in community development with sex workers spans almost three decades and two countries, Canada and the UK. She founded and contributed to several sex worker support projects, advocacy organisations, research projects and safety initiatives.

Francesca Esposito in a black and white striped top and glasses smiling
Dr Francesca Esposito
'Systems of oppression and abolitionist perspectives’ panel

Francesca Esposito is a Lecturer at the Westminster University and  Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon (ICSULisboa). She is also Associate Director at Border Criminologies at the University of Oxford.

David Scott in a white shirt and brown hat
Dr David Scott
'Systems of oppression and abolitionist perspectives’ panel

Dr David Scott works at The Open University. He is a former co-ordinator of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control, and a founding member of the abolitionist pressure groups No More Prisons, Reclaim Justice Network and Pies Not Prisons. He co-organised the 18th ICOPA [International Conference on Penal Abolition] in London in 2018 and is a member of the ICOPA international advisory board.

Janet Alder
Janet Alder (activist)
'Systems of oppression and abolitionist perspectives’ panel

In 1998, my brother who was an ex-paratrooper who had been decorated for his services died handcuffed behind his back with his trousers to his knees on the custody suite floor with officers from Humberside Police just yards away from him, who did nothing to help or give him medical assistance.

Friday 30 June

Sandra Walklate in a black blouse smiling
Professor Sandra Walklate
Reflections on the sustainability of Criminology (panel discussion)

Professor Sandra Walklate (B.A.; M.Litt., FAcSS) is currently Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology (University of Liverpool; ongoing) and Conjoint Chair of Criminology (Monash University: fixed term). She has an ongoing adjunct professorial role at QUT in Brisbane, an ongoing role as a Research Associate at the University of West Virginia Center for Violence Research and is a Visiting Professor (Violence and Society Research Centre), at City University (London).

Black and white image of Lynne Copson smiling and leaning on hand
Dr Lynne Copson
Reflections on the sustainability of Criminology (panel discussion)

Dr Lynne Copson is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology the Open University, UK.  Prior to this, she spent five years in the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.  Lynne’s research can be divided primarily into two broad categories: zemiology and utopianism.

Dr Biko Agozino
Dr Biko Agozino
Reflections on the sustainability of Criminology (panel discussion)

Dr. Biko Agozino (Edinburgh University, 1995) is a Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA. He is ranked as one of the top Criminologists in the world today by

hazel graham speaking at a protest
Hazel Graham (activist)
Reflections on the sustainability of Criminology (panel discussion)

This panel will involve speakers offering critical reflections on the sustainability of criminology, considering possible future directions and priorities, including decolonising Criminology and Zemiology. Reflection is critical to this panel, with panellists being given the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences of and views about the discipline.