Women’s Network

Women's Network

The Women’s Staff Network at the University of Central Lancashire focusses specifically on providing a unified voice for people who identify as a woman.

We are open to all women who are employed at UCLan and offer a forum to share ideas and provide mutual support for career and personal development. Our aims are to provide a support network, a voice for women within UCLan, to encourage staff to engage with the gender equality agenda and provide a range of events and activities that support women's careers.


  • Provide a voice for women at UCLan in order to communicate issues which are important to the membership to those responsible for University policy.
  • Provide networking opportunities for women across the organisation to share opportunities, experiences and offer mutual support.
  • Raise the awareness of the network and its activities.
  • Encourage all staff to engage with the gender equality and diversity agenda.
  • Provide a range of events and activities that support women's careers, e.g. Athena SWAN awards and mentoring.
  • To establish working groups who can offer guidance on specific issues, policy decisions and proposals which impact on women.
  • To develop strong links with other networks and campuses, as well as the larger academic community.

How We Make a Difference

We like to have open and robust conversations on areas that matter most to us. Our network also offers relevant information and resources, as well as support.

The Network Chair of the group reports to the University's Staff Equality and Diversity Advisory Group, which allows us to put forward any ideas that support women at UCLan.

Women's Network


The co-chairs of the Women’s Network are Nicky Danino (NDanino@uclan.ac.uk) and Sarita Robinson (SJRobinson1@uclan.ac.uk), and we would love to hear from you.

All women employed at UCLan are welcome to become part of the Women's network either attending meetings or engaging in discussion through other forums.  Meetings will take place three times per year with additional activities / targeted sub-groups dependant on specific interests. 

If you want more information about the group or to become a member please email us: WomensNetwork@uclan.ac.uk.