Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is an organisation that welcomes and celebrates diversity, a commitment reflected in the shared values of those who work and study with us. Our vision is to strengthen our culture of equality, diversity and inclusion for our diverse University community, where everyone can feel safe, valued and supported.

We proactively work to promote and embed the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in everything we do; through a range of equality awards, accreditations, networks and equality leads. We strive to ensure that our work is central to all policy development, decisions and practice, and that employment, study and other services are genuinely accessible to everyone.

At UCLan we believe in allowing everyone an opportunity to fulfil their potential. Our framework of equality, diversity, dignity, respect and fairness extends to all of our community; staff, students, partners, visitors and the wider community. We recognise that continuing to draw on the widest and most diverse range of talent for our students and staff is essential to the continuing success of the University.

We are committed to enabling all individuals to benefit from higher education irrespective of any protected group they belong to and providing a high quality learning experience that empowers our students to perform to the very best of their ability. Similarly, we want to provide an inspiring working environment for staff that allows people to develop their knowledge and skills.

UCLan values the unique contribution of all staff, students and the community.  We strive to create a trans-inclusive culture, workplace and learning environment; free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation where all trans people are treated with dignity and respect in the gender with which they identify.  With this in mind, the below guidance document has been created to clarify our processes for Transitioning staff.

UCLan Transgender Guidance (.doc) 53.6Kb

Gender Pay Gap Reporting (.pdf) 415Kb