How can DigitME help?

With three days of consultancy available the DigitME project focuses on any of the following three key areas of assistance:

Problem Solving

Advancements in manufacturing technology can often be the solution to existing problems. The DigitME team can use the free three day intensive consultancy period to see how vision systems, robotics or any other developing technology could help develop your business.

Advanced Technology

From robotics to 3D printing, vision systems to automation or from production runs to bespoke designs, the DigitME team can show how new technology can be integrated into your manufacturing process. Contact us and book a free visit to our production suite and see a demonstration of some of the forth coming methods and technologies.

Data Audit

With skills ranging from robotic engineering to data mining the DigitME team can help with all aspects of manufacturing data. This can range from the acquirement of data from machinery to seeking out trends and patterns from existing large data sets. DigitME can help for free. If your company fits any of these areas or has interest in any other sectors of modern manufacturing the DigitME team may be able to help.

Further Engagement

Providing free consultancy is only one step in the DigitME journey. The team will not only provide independent expert advice but in addition will supply each company with tailored handover points that will help them adopt the recommendations made during the consultation.