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Apprentice Business Administrator

Job details

  • Company Name:Giant Leap Childcare & Learning Centre
  • Salary:Competitive Salary
  • Location:Burnley
  • Weekly hours:37.5
  • Apprenticeship course duration:4 years
  • Closing date:21 July 2024
  • Vacancy reference:VAC-00124
  • Sector(s):Business

Job summary

As an Apprentice at Giant Leap Childcare and Learning Centre Ltd, you will embark on an exciting journey to develop comprehensive skills and knowledge in business management while actively contributing to the success and growth of our organisation.

Full job description

The role includes the following responsibilities: 

  • Operational Support: Assist in the day-to-day operations of the childcare and learning centre Customer Engagement:
  • Interact with parents and guardians, addressing inquiries, providing updates on their child's progress, and ensuring high levels of satisfaction.
  • Financial Management: Learn to manage budgets, track expenses, and contribute to financial planning initiatives to optimise resources and ensure the financial sustainability of the centre.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Collaborate on marketing strategies to attract new families to the centre and enhance its reputation within the community through various channels such as social media, events, and promotional materials.
  • Quality Assurance: Assist in maintaining compliance with regulatory standards and internal policies, ensuring a safe and stimulating environment for children.
  • Staff Development: Support the recruitment, training, and development of staff members, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.
  • Project Management: Contribute to special projects aimed at improving processes, enhancing services, or implementing new initiatives to meet the evolving needs of our families and children.


Degree Apprenticeship

Business Management, BA (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

BA (Hons)
If you want to be a Chartered Manager and take responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services, the CMDA BA (Hons) Business Management programme is for you.


Working Hours:

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm

We reserve the right to close this vacancy early if we receive sufficient applications for the role. Therefore, if you are interested, please submit your application as early as possible. 

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