Data Protection Act

Privacy notices

Student privacy notice 2016/17

All of the personal information obtained from you and other sources in connection with your studies at the University will be held in secure conditions and will be used by the University during enrolment, during your course and after you leave the University for a variety of purposes including the administration of all academic records, student and welfare support services (including counselling and mental health support), careers services and the operation of the University's Codes of Practice, Regulations and Procedures. In addition the information will be used by the University for research, the compilation of statistics and Alumni administration. The University also uses the information it holds about you to provide an enhanced student experience and support you to achieve your learning outcomes. To do this, the University may analyse the information it holds within a number of different systems to enable staff supporting you during your studies to deliver tailored interventions as required. The University may also use profiling techniques such as predictive algorithms to enhance this support.

The University may also, for a variety of purposes including fraud prevention or detection or in connection with immigration and nationality, supply information to outside organisations such as the police; Home Office; Foreign Consulates and Embassies; Local Authorities; the Department for Works and Pensions and its Agencies; the Home Office; the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA); Examination Boards; other educational establishments or Awarding Bodies and selected plagiarism services including Turnitin (for which some information is transferred overseas to America). Personal information may also be disclosed to external debt collection or credit reference agencies to assist in the recovery of unpaid tuition fees and other outstanding monies due to the University. Where you are employed by a third party during all or any of the period of your study at the University and the employer has a direct interest in your status as a student at the University (for example your employer is paying for your course), you agree that the University may, without further recourse to you, disclose to your employer information obtained by the University by reason of your admission to the University, your enrolment on and/or your studying towards an award of the University. The information provided to your employer will usually concern your attendance and performance.

The University may also disclose some or all of your personal information to a variety of recipients for the purpose of administering academic provision, support and associated functions such as the careers service. These recipients include: Partner Colleges of the University; organisations that provide funding and bursaries to students; Local Councils (for purposes connected with your student status that may include Council Tax administration or contacting you about your right to register to vote. Any queries about your inclusion on the Electoral Register must be addressed to the relevant Local Authority); student sponsors (including the Student Loans Company and other agencies private, public and voluntary which provide student support and individuals or organisations with whom you have entered into an agreement to provide some or all of the costs of study); relevant external professional bodies (including those to whom you apply for membership and to whom the course regulations require that the University provides information - see details in course handbooks); education/training establishments; potential employers and placement providers (some of whom may be situated outside the EEA); government funding bodies; UCAS; Local and Area Health Authorities; UK banks; University insurers and HESA.

We will send some of the information we hold about you to HESA. This forms your HESA record, which contains various details including your ethnic group and any disabilities you have. For detailed information about the information we provide to HESA and how this information is handled, please see the privacy notice on the HESA website.

We will also send some personal information we hold about you to the Students’ Union (SU) for membership purposes. You automatically become a member of the SU once you enrol at UCLan. This transfer of information will enable you to make use of the SU's services more quickly and easily and enable it to verify your eligibility to join clubs and societies and vote in elections and to contact you with essential updates. Further information about this transfer can be obtained from the SU if required. If you would prefer that your information is not shared with the SU in this way, please write to the Academic Registrar, UCLan, to confirm this.

Other Research

From time to time the University may collaborate with Government Funding Agencies to conduct research into the student experience. Any organisation that conducts research on behalf of the University and/or these Agencies will use your details only for the purpose stated and will then delete them.

The University publishes examination results in the awards brochure. Full details of this procedure (and how to notify any concerns about this process) can be obtained from the Academic Registry.

Where you have disclosed a disability, information you have provided in connection with that disability will be processed by the Disability Advisory Service for the purposes of assessing what, if any, reasonable adjustments are required and for implementing those adjustments. Information concerning your disability will be disclosed to other relevant staff who would reasonably need to be in possession of such information for the purposes of implementing any or all of the adjustments identified. You have the right to request that information about your disability is not disclosed to such staff and while all reasonable effort will be made to implement reasonable adjustments, the request for confidentiality may in some circumstances prevent those adjustments being made.

The University will only disclose sensitive personal data (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998) where there is a legal basis for doing so and always in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For a general overview of the purposes for which the University processes personal data, please see its entry on the public Register of Data Controllers, available on the Information Commissioner’s website at: