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Short course

Forensic Statement Writing

The structure of the forensic science statement is of paramount importance in meeting the requirements of the Criminal Justice System. The forensic science statement must be impartial, logical and must convey the meaning and limitations of forensic test results without ambiguity. Taught by practising forensic scientists.


Course overview

Through the use of case studies, worked examples and discussion groups, this course outlines the legal requirements of forensic statements, highlights best practice for statement writing, and helps delegates to develop their own writing style and hone their science writing skills. The course is designed for practitioners from all forensic disciplines, and evidence type-specific syndicate groups will focus on issues relating to delegates’ own areas of expertise. This course is presented by a team of experienced expert witnesses from a range of specialisms.

Highlights of the course

  • Structure of the forensic science statement
  • Translating strategy and identifying propositions
  • The nature of purpose and conclusion
  • Likelihood ratios and the verbal scale of support
  • Principles of interpretation and stating assumptions
  • Technical issue writing
  • Receipt of items and continuity
  • Disclosure and other legal requirements
  • Tailoring to the reader’s needs
  • The use of jargon
  • Streamlined Forensic Reports

Learning outcomes and aims

On completion of this course, delegates will have a thorough understanding of the requirements of forensic science statements and a good awareness of acceptable and unacceptable phraseology. This will be the basis for the continuing development of a personal writing style.

Level: Short Course, CPD
Delivery: Campus
Duration: 5 days
Campus: Preston
Start Date: Start dates are varied

Entry requirements

Relevant operational experience.


This course is based in the School of Natural Sciences located in the Faculty of Science and Technology

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