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Healthy University

The Healthy University (HU) is a collaborative campus-wide effort towards making UCLan a better place to live, work and learn through a ‘whole system’ approach to wellbeing. This includes student engagement, representation and participation; working across faculties, schools and services; linking UCLan and Students’ Union strategies and plans; developing curriculum links; conducting research; and being responsive to current and emerging agendas.

The HU was established in 1995 and has become a national and international leader in this field – establishing and co-ordinating the UK Healthy Universities Network, and hosting its website and guidance packages.

Th HU Plan for 2018-20 focuses on a range of issues relevant to students and staff. This involves staff and students from across the University and brings benefits to the whole campus and its close neighbours.

Healthy Safe and Sustainable Food

UCLan Cook Student Cookery Classes pdf.(283kb)

There is a HU working group which has developed a number of actions related to food. Colleagues from across UCLan and the Students' Union work together to ensure UCLan maintains its commitment to being a healthy university. The Healthy, Safe and Sustainable Food group aim:

  • To move towards a healthier and more sustainable food supply chain.
  • To increase the provision of affordable healthier food for the diverse UCLan community.
  • To improve consumer information through provision of clear and consistent food labelling.
  • To raise awareness of and promote the benefits of eating healthier, food safety and sustainable food.
  • To improve students’ skills relating to healthier eating, including food safety.
  • To increase understanding and knowledge about food, health and sustainability through research and teaching.

UCLan has developed a Healthy, Safe & Sustainable Food Policy to support activities in this area.

Any UCLan staff and students interested in working with the Healthy, Safe and Sustainable Food working group please contact Sharon Doherty  +44 (0)1772 893761.

Mental Wellbeing

The HU initiative has developed an action plan to promote mental wellbeing of staff and students at UCLan. There is a working group called Rethinking Student Mental Wellbeing bringing together a range of colleagues from UCLan and the SU.

Work includes;

  • SU Stressed Out Students campaigns, promoting general mental health through information e.g. 5 Ways to Feeling Great
  • Headroom - an SU website which is provides a ‘one stop shop’ for information on a range of topics giving internal UCLan and SU support and external services

Any UCLan staff or students interested in being involved in promoting mental wellbeing, please contact Sharon Doherty, (0)1772 893761.

Staff Mental Wellbeing

Lead by Human Resources the HU works with colleagues to develop a work aiming to promote staff wellbeing.

These include:

  • SOUL webpages giving information and links across a range of health and wellbeing topics, (search SOUL within the staff intranet)
  • Staff health policies such as stress management and smoking, alcohol and drug education, prevention and response.
  • Promotion of health campaigns, information and services for staff
  • Staff training- offered through Safety, Health and Environment and Human Resources, such as stress management

Relationships and Sexual Health

The HU has a long-standing commitment to promoting positive and healthy relationships at UCLan. The work includes;

The SU working with the NHS to run Chlamydia screening events with student volunteers on campus and in local pubs/clubs in Preston.

#SayNo to Sexual Harassment is an on-going campaign to promote the SU’s and UCLan’s zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment. Raising awareness of the issues and asking students and staff to pledge they are working on this.

If you are interested in this area of work and would like to contribute please contact: Sharon Doherty, +44 (0)1772 893761.


Smoking Alcohol and Drugs

UCLan has a long-standing commitment to being proactive in relation to drug education, prevention and responding to incidents with students and staff. In 1999 we were one of the first universities to develop procedures to support staff in responding to alcohol and drug incidents, this was commended by the Home Office.

The HU runs an Alcohol and Drugs Issues group which as a focus on monitoring procedures, responding to any current issues and networking across UCLan and external partners such as the Police.

UCLan and the SU have developed a range of initiatives linked to smoking, alcohol and drugs and makes links across to sexual health and safety issues. Themes of recent campaigns for students have included alcohol safety and shisha smoking.

If you are interested in this area of work and would like to contribute please contact Sharon Doherty,  +44 (0)1772 893761.

Sport and Physical Activity

The HU has links with the UCLan Sport Strategy which encourages the development and participation of students and staff in sport and physical activity, as well as promoting high level sporting performance. The HU promotes a number of initiatives linked to physical activity. UCLan’s Walking Campus project provides maps to encourages students and staff to take breaks, go for walks, enjoy nature and the outdoors.

National campaigns such as Walk to Work and Cycle to Work are promoted to staff and students. Cycling to campus is encouraged by the Bicycle User Group, who promotes the development of facilities such as bike storage and showers. Students and staff can have a bike buddy to help them find safe routes into campus and cycle training is also available.

If you are interested in this area of work and would like to contribute please contact Sharon Doherty, +44 (0)1772 893761.

Student Volunteer and Placement Opportunities

UCLan students can work with the HU in a number of ways and there are a range of volunteering and work placement opportunities. Students have made a significant contribution to UCLan’s status as a healthy university and have been involved in projects that have benefited the UCLan community.

Examples of previous work with the HU includes:

  • Health Champions, campaigns, resources and creating a chill-out area
  • Research into student health, eg healthy eating, knowledge of alcohol units and calories
  • Activities such as chlamydia testing, cooking demonstrations during Green Week
  • Creating promotional videos for the headroom mental wellbeing campaign
  • UCLan students can also relate their dissertation topic to the work of the HU.

Students can contact Sharon Doherty to discuss their interests and to find out more, 01772 893761