Chinese related courses

UCLan offers a wide range of Chinese related courses from full time Degrees to informal calligraphy sessions, including the HSK/HSKK/YCT Chinese Proficiency Test, find out more below.

Courses for the public

UCLan Confucius Institute is able to help you to learn about Chinese language and culture.

For example, have you always wanted to attend a few language lessons but don’t have the time to attend a university course? Well, now you can attend classes at the Confucius Institute. You can attend a two hour class each week, or alternatively attend one-to-one lessons to suit your learning needs, easily fitting in with your busy lifestyle.

During classes you will learn about Chinese culture as you learn the language, and will soon be on your way to fulfilling your dream of speaking Chinese.

Chinese Calligraphy
Mondays 2-3pm. Brook Building room BB142a
Calligraphy 2016/17 Tuition Fee: £4/class or free for UCLan CI members*

Chinese Brush Painting
Fridays 3-5pm. Livesey House room LH127
Brush Painting 2016/17 Tuition Fee: £4/class or free for UCLan CI members*

*Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Brush Painting classes are free to UCLan Confucius Institute Members. Annual UCLan Confucius Institute membership fee in £40.

Please visit room AB111 in the Adelphi Building to find out more information and to purchase your CI membership.

Language classes available include:

Please check our Events page regularly for news of Chinese culture events and activities.

If you need any help, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

School activities

UCLan Confucius Institute offers a range of Chinese language and culture classes for schools for more information please visit our information for schools and colleges page.

HSK Preparatory Courses and Exams


Information about HSK preparatory courses 2020/21:

  • HSK Level 1
    ​​Academic Year, Tuition fee: £50 (No course this semester)
  • HSK Level 2
    Academic Year, Tuition fee: £50 (No course this semester)
  • HSK Level 3
    Academic Year, Tuition fee: £80, 6-8pm on Wednesdays
  • HSK Level 4
    Academic Year, Tuition fee: £80, 9-11am on Thursdays
  • HSK Level 5
    Academic Year, Tuition fee: £110, 6-8pm on Thursdays
  • HSK Level 6
    Academic Year, Tuition fee: £110, 6-8pm on Thursdays

Semester 1: Online teaching via Microsoft Team; Semesters 2 and 3: to be confirmed

Courses start from week commencing 28th September 2020.

Please note: The tuition fees listed above are waived for UCLan students; however, you are expected to register for the exam at the UCLan HSK Exam Centre, and exam fees must be paid by all.

Postal address is as follows:

Han Xu
AB111, Adelphi Building
UCLan Confucius Institute
School of Language and Global Studies
University of Central Lancashire, PR1 2HE

Some levels might have no preparatory courses this semester. If you want to attend any course, please email to ask further information.


Dates for HSK Written Exam and Oral Exam 2020:

Date Exam Type Deadline of Registration
08/02/2020 Written 13/01/2020
09/05/2020 Written and Oral 12/04/2020
06/12/2020 Written and Oral 09/11/2020

Log into the website and choose the English language version on the right corner. Register if you are a new user. Please use IE browser (Version 6.0 or above) or Firefox browser. Other browsers are not supported.

Completed the registration steps online, you will get an email from to tell you that your pre-registration is successful. After this step, please go to the UCLan Online Store to pay the exam fee. Your registration is not complete until the payment has been made.

September 2020 Update:  Due to the uncertainty of circumstances, unfortunately we are not able to run the HSK & HSKK exams face-to-face on 6th December 2020 at UCLan; however if you are interested in sitting exams online, you can register yourself at  (Please use IE browser (Version 6.0 or above) or Firefox browser. Other browsers are not supported), and select exam centre 'UK: Chinese Proficiency Test UK Committee', which provides online exams on 12th December 2020. You can sit the exams at home. The exam centre will contact you after they receive your registration information to provide further exam details.   

Exam fees for HSK written exam and oral exam:

  • HSK level 1: £20
  • HSK level 2: £30
  • HSK level 3: £40
  • HSK level 4: £50
  • HSK level 5: £60
  • HSK level 6: £70
  • Oral exam basic level: £35
  • Oral exam intermediate level: £45
  • Oral exam advanced level: £55

Please contact about registration and payment if there are any questions.

More information about HSK Written Exam and Oral Exam

(The number in the brackets indicate the approximate number of Chinese words you need to know in order to pass the exam.)

  • HSK level 1 - Can understand and use simple words and sentences to fulfil specific communication needs and have a foundation for the further study of Chinese (150 words)
  • HSK level 2 - Can communicate simply and directly on daily topics; can reach the advanced stage of beginner level (300 words)
  • HSK level 3 - Can complete basic communication tasks in daily life, study and work; can handle most communication tasks if traveling in China (600 words)
  • HSK level 4 - Can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and be able to communicate with native speakers (1200 words)
  • HSK level 5 - Can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, appreciate Chinese films and television, and be able to write and deliver a full speech (2500 words)
  • HSK level 6 - Can easily understand what they read and listen and express themselves fluently in written and oral Chinese (5000+ words)
  • Oral Exam-Basic level (200 words) - A. Listen and repeat. B. Listen and answer questions.
  • Oral Exam-Intermediate level (900 words) - A. Listen and repeat. B. Speak according to the pictures. C. Answer questions.
  • Oral Exam-Advanced level (3000 words) - A. Listen and retell. B. Read the paragraph. C. Answer questions

YCT (Youth Chinese Test)

YCT is an international standardized Chinese language test which is directed an examining non-native primary and secondary school students’ ability to apply Chinese language in their studies and daily lives. It consists of two independent parts: written exam and oral exam. The written exam is made up of four levels and the oral exam includes basic level and intermediate level only.

Dates for YCT Written Exam and Oral Exam 2020:


Date Deadline of Registration
09/05/2020 12/04/2020
15/11/2020 19/10/2020

Exam fees for YCT written exam and oral exam:

  • YCT level 1: £5
  • YCT level 2: £10
  • YCT level 3: £20
  • YCT level 4: £25
  • Oral exam basic level: £10
  • Oral exam intermediate level: £10

If you would like to register any levels of YCT exams, please contact or call 01772 894246 for further information. 

Degree courses