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Our vision is to shape the future of Emergency Management– Plans, Processes and Skills Development, and in doing so we regard ourselves as a leading provider of Higher Education courses and Consultancy services in respect of Crisis Management, Organisational Resilience and Emergency Management capabilities in the global marketplace.

UCLan PROTECT provides a ‘Holistic’  range of services and products across international markets. We understand the challenges associated with the design, delivery and maintenance of corporate exercise programmes and we have extensive experience which enables organisations meet regulatory compliance standards within the UK and worldwide.

UCLan brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of wide-ranging programmes including varied business capabilities in crisis management, emergency planning, business continuity, training and validation.  We are comfortable dealing with complex issues and environments and will help develop, deliver and manage a comprehensive, high quality validation-training programmes.

We seek to establish strong relationships with mutually beneficial outcomes both in education and training benefits. Working with your existing Emergency Management Group, we offer significant exercise design and evaluation support.

UCLan is a worldwide-recognised university leading through innovation and is dedicated with a commitment to providing business and students alike with the opportunity to shape their future.

In 2010 UCLan became the first UK modern university to appear in the QS World University Rankings. In 2015 the Centre for World University Rankings placed UCLan in the top 3.8 percent of all worldwide universities and its latest innovation is to bring together a range of resilience services and courses under the banner of UCLan PROTECT.

UCLan PROTECT Professional Webinar Series  

Dr Carol Cox, Professor Gary Bond

The pandemic triggered by COVID19 was unprecedented and has sent the world into complete lockdown, impacting on every person, business and industry.

UCLan are hosting several professional webinars with experts in their field to discuss a university response to COVID19 and the future of the UK post COVID19.  Please click on the link below to sign up for the free question and answer sessions.

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10th June, 1pm

Log Keeping during a crisis such as COVID19


As all organisations are making key strategic decisions in response to the current crisis, it is as important as ever that accurate records of those business-changing decisions are made and kept. There will be a need in the near future for decision makers to justify many of their decisions to key stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, customers and the public.

This webinar provides advice on the importance and practicalities of keeping a decision log, along with exploring the psychology of decision-making during emergencies.


  • Patrick Cunningham, Principal Consultant UCLan PROTECT
  • Dr. Sarita Robinson, is Principal Lecturer in School of Psychology whose interests are broadly located within the domain of health and cognitive psychology, looking at the impact of acute environmental events on health and well-being. Currently, Sarita is investigating 1) how people cope during emergency situations using a cognitive neuropsychology and psychobiology approach, 2) the impact of psychological factors on growth after trauma, 3) the impact of psychosocial factors on health and well-being, specifically focusing on Alzheimer’s disease.

17th June, 1pm

Policing the Lockdown, the Perfect Storm and Psychological Perspectives


Training of Police Officers is going through its biggest change in decades, from a training to an educational perspective, with the Police Education Qualification Framework and partnerships between Higher Education Institutions and Police forces. The Prime Minister recently instructing that an additional 20,000 extra police officers over three years should be employed, which requires the recruitment and education of £53,000 officers over that time frame. Then add to this the matter of a pandemic and the operational and educational consequences within the context of a national lockdown has presented the perfect storm for Policing, the public and Higher Education.


  • Dr Carol Cox- UK Lead for PROTECT
  • Clive Tattum- Lead for Police Apprenticeships
  • Dr Sarita Robinson- Psychology
  • Dr Sandi Mann- Psychology

25th June, 1pm 

What will the long-term effects of COVID 19 be on businesses and the economy? What will survive and why?


  • Dr Robin Carey