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Knowledge, Enterprise and strong Work Ethic underpin our Degree Apprenticeships with Professional and Technical added value and a three-way partnership for success.

With a focus on creating professionals that are knowledgeable and experienced, UCLan collaborates with forward thinking businesses to deliver Degree Apprenticeships that offer a unique environment to nurture and grow the very best talent.

For the employer and the individual work experience is often as important as education, our Degree Apprenticeships develop both. Degree Apprenticeships are being created across a wide range of roles and specialisms.

Employers return on investment from supporting a new or existing employee through a Degree Apprenticeship – resulting in highly-skilled employee with both the academic qualifications and the relevant knowledge learned on-the-job experience within their business.

  • Recruiting and retaining the best talent
    If you find you have to hire staff without the exact skills and experience – nurture and grow talent that meet your future skills requirements.
  • Upskill and transfer knowledge into your organisation
    If you wish to upskill managers and senior leaders in project management, business development, intercultural communication or change management, chartered and senior degree apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to transform your organisation.
  • Driving change and innovation 
    If you want to expand into new markets, change technology, or change the way you work a Degree Apprenticeship will support change.
  • Succession Planning
    Develop a professional for your workforce and workplace needs through a degree apprenticeship programme with a professional accreditation built in.
  • Market growth and diversification
    If it’s time to take your organisation to the next level, sponsor a highly qualified professional who will give you access to new markets, tender opportunities and business.
  • Sector leading - professional and technical competency
    Recruit from our pool of bright students with the core skills, knowledge and work readiness to help contribute to your business.
  • Invest wisely – Apprenticeship Levy Payers
    If you have a pay bill of over £3m, you are required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy at 0.5% of pay bill to HMRC. The funding pays for training and assessment (not wages) by government-approved providers.
  • Boost your workforce development funds - non Levy Payers
    If you have a payroll of under £3m, you are not required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy. BUT you can get funding towards the cost of training and assessment of apprentices. You only pay 5% - the government will co-fund the other 95% (up to the funding band maximum.)

Our Degree Apprenticeship Programme Offer

33 Degree Apprenticeship Programmes mapped to 18 Apprenticeship Standards in delivery or ready for delivery with 25 in the planning and development pipeline, degree apprenticeships that provide a clear pathway through a degree programme with professional and technical qualifications to secure skills requirements. 


Apprenticeship Levy Explained

With effect from April 2017, the Government are introducing an ‘Apprenticeship Levy’, which will be paid by large employers to build and maintain a skilled workforce that can compete in the global market place.  The levy will increase the current funding and is expected to raise £3 billion annually over the next five years. This will be used to increase the number of people starting apprenticeships by up to 30% by 2020.

These new apprenticeships have been designed with the help of the Trailblazer Initiative, (a group of major employers), who have been working on raising the quality and standards of apprenticeships to ensure they can offer transferable and valuable skills that are beneficial to both the employer and the employee.  This also includes the development of the new degree level programmes.  These new courses will focus on the priorities of both the employers and apprenticeships and will include work based assessments to improve business productivity and the economy overall.

The levy offers an innovative opportunity and approach to recruiting, training and retaining the best employees and graduates in order to benefit your business. Find out the facts to see how your business can either upskill your existing workforce or attract new apprentices to help your business grow.

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We are able to offer expertise and tailored professional apprenticeship programmes across a broad range of areas including: Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, IT and Digital, HR and Administration, Management, Policing, Social Care, Sport and Teaching. View our current range of degree apprenticeship programmes.

Whatever your size of business, come and speak to us to discuss the possibilities for your organisation. Together we can develop a provision designed and tailored for your business needs.

Please note, our standard lead time required from initial discussions with your organisation to your employees starting an apprenticeship with us is three months from the course start date.

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