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DigitME2 is based at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) campus in Burnley, East Lancashire. Burnley has a long heritage of manufacturing and tradition, the project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Who is it for?

The DigitME2 project aims to support small to medium-sized manufacturing companies in a bid to help them grow and develop by providing three days of free intensive consultancy into new technology, data and manufacturing problem solving.

The programme is open for all manufacturing companies based in the North West of England with less than 750 employees. This can even be companies manufacturing only one product, anything from pizza to plane wings.

What will this involve?

There are three days of consultancy available from DigitMe2. The project focuses on any of the following:

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Problem Solving – advancements in manufacturing technology can often be the solution to existing problems. The DigitMe2 team can use the free three-day intensive consultancy period to see how vision systems, robotics, or any other developing technology could help develop your business.

Advanced Technology – from robotics to 3D printing, vision systems to automation of form production runs to bespoke designs, the DigitMe2 team can show how new technology can be integrated into your manufacturing process. Contact the team to book a free visit to our production suite and see a demonstration of some of the methods and technologies.

Data Audit – using skills ranging from robotic engineering to data mining, the DigitMe2 team can help with all aspects of manufacturing data. This can range from the acquisition of data from machinery to seeking out trends and patterns from existing large data sets.

How will it benefit my business?

Through the provision of support and assistance of the DigitME2 programme our aim is to showcase modern technology and how it can assist companies in their development.

Providing free consultancy is only one step in the DigitMe2 journey. The team will provide independent expert advice and will supply each business with tailored handover points that will help them adopt the recommendations made during the consultation.

12 hours of bespoke technology assessment that maps out the company’s manufacturing process will help show where technology can add value.  A 140 hour bespoke feasibility study takes a recommendation from the technology assessment, trials, to help prove that the industry 4.0 technology can indeed add value. Industry 4.0 introduces a new technology which will allow cyber-physical systems to monitor physical processes and make decentralized decisions. Access to industry 4.0 technologies and expertise comes through UCLan’s Advanced Data Management Technologies (ADMT) Lab. This offers the chance to develop an on-going relationship with one of the North West’s leading universities.

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