Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Standards

At UCLan we offer higher and degree apprenticeships that provide a clear pathway through an apprenticeship standard and degree programme with professional and technical qualifications to secure skills requirements and career aspirations.

For the employer and the individual work experience is often as important as education, our Degree Apprenticeships develop both. Degree Apprenticeships are being created across a wide range of roles and specialisms.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeship Standards offered include:

Academic Professional, Level 7 including pathways in;

  • Academic Practice: Learning and Teaching – Degree Pathway
  • Academic Practice: Research – Degree Pathway

Academic Practice: Learning and Teaching OR Research, PGCert - Degree Apprenticeship

Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Level 7

Advanced Clinical Practitioner, MSc - Degree Apprenticeship

Aerospace Software Development Engineer, Level 6 including pathways in;

  • FdSc Software Engineering, Level 5 – Degree Pathway
  • BEng Software Engineering, Level 6 – Degree Pathway

Software Engineering, FdSc / BEng - Degree Apprenticeship

Building Services Design Engineer, Level 6

Building Services and Sustainable Engineering, BEng (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Chartered Manager, Level 6

Business Management, BA (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Chartered Surveyor, Level 6

Children, Young People and Families Practitioner

Working with Children, Young People and Families, Cert HE – Degree Apprenticeship

Civil Engineer, Level 6

Civil Engineering, BEng (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Cyber Security Technical Professional, Level 6

Cyber Security Technical Professional, BSc (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Digital and Technology Solutions Professional, Level 6

Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (Integrated Degree), Level 7

Digital and Technology Solutions, MSc/PGDip/PGCert - Degree Apprenticeship

Digital Marketer, level 6

Digital Marketing, BA (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Engineering - Postgraduate Engineer

Engineering Competence / Engineering (Design and Development), PGDip - Degree Apprenticeship

Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer, Level 6

Electronic Engineering, BEng (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Healthcare Assistant Practitioner, Level 5

Health and Social Care (Assistant Practitioner), FdSc - Degree Apprenticeship

Manufacturing Engineer, Level 6

  • Mechanical Engineering – Degree Pathway
  • Manufacturing Engineering – Degree Pathway

Manufacturing OR Mechanical Engineering, BEng (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Nursing Associate, Level 5

Nursing Associate, FdSc - Degree Apprenticeship

Operating Department Practitioner, Level 6

Operating Department Practice, BSc (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Product Design and Development Engineer, Level 6

Police Constable, Level 6

Professional Policing Practice, BSc (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Senior Leader, Level 7

Master of Business Administration (Executive), MBA - Degree Apprenticeship

Social Worker, Level 6

Social Work, BA (Hons) - Degree Apprenticeship

Solicitor, Level 7

Legal Practice and Professional Masters in Legal Practice, LLB (Hons) / MProf

Technician Scientist, Level 5

Technician Scientist, FdSc - Degree Apprenticeship