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Physiotherapy Clinic

The Wellbeing Physiotherapy Clinic is staffed by Senior Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapists with many years of experience who are dedicated to providing you as an individual with a positive experience of healthcare.

Our physiotherapists offer a wide variety of treatment options to suit your individual needs. Each Physiotherapist has specific skills and expertise developed over years of clinical work…

  1. Helpful and professional – Developing a treatment plan around your individual needs.
  2. Personal service – Getting you back on your feet and back to exercise / work / sports / better quality of life.
  3. Expert physiotherapist – Professional, knowledgeable and effective.
  4. First class facilities – Provide unrivalled access to leading technologies to assist with your treatment and improve athletic performance.

Physiotherapy helps to optimise movement and function after an individual has been affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help reduce the likelihood of injury or movement dysfunction occurring in the future.


Your initial consultation will last approximately 45-60 minutes and will involve treatment if appropriate. You will sit and talk through your medical history and history of your current problem before undergoing a thorough physical assessment, including testing joints, muscles etc.

Your physiotherapist will clearly explain the findings of your assessment and will outline their recommendations on what treatment is required.

Follow up physiotherapy sessions will last up to 30 minutes and will consist of a short discussion on your current symptoms and progress since your last appointment. A short assessment of the problem area before treatment as appropriate.

Our services

Our physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of back and neck pain, sports injuries, joint problems, neurological and respiratory conditions and are capable of providing tailored rehabilitation plans aimed at returning you to your previous levels of function where possible. You can read more about the services we offer on our services pages.

By prior appointment we can also offer our patients:

  1. Work station ergonomics assessments.
  2. Biomechanical analysis using our state of the art biomechanics camera rigs & suit e.g. gait assessment, jump/landing mechanics assessment.
  3. Sports massage.
  4. Isokinetic Dynamometry assessment.
  5. Strength / power assessment using our state of the art lab force plates.

Acupuncture involves placing a thin, flexible needle into tissues with the aim of altering muscle tension, blood flow and relieving pain. Our Physiotherapists use a Western Acupuncture approach using the evidence base to guide the safe and effective use of acupuncture as a treatment adjunct.

Clinical guidelines advocate the use of Acupuncture for various conditions including; pain management, headaches and osteoarthritis of the knee and spine.

It is important to view acupuncture as one aspect of your rehabilitation plan, incorporating it alongside other aspects of physiotherapy such as exercise and manual therapy.

We are fortunate to be able to offer isokinetic testing for our patients as part of a structured assessment and treatment plan. We can use isokinetic testing to assess muscular strength. This may be appropriate for testing how well muscles are working together or post-surgery. It can also be used to assess for muscular strength imbalances, which may lead to injury if not addressed.

Manual therapy is a physical, hands on treatment technique used to treat restrictions of movement, pain and discomfort and functional restrictions. It can often include joint mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue mobilisation, stretching techniques and taping.

Manual therapy is often used as a treatment adjunct to exercise therapy, aiming to reduce pain and increase range of movement allowing the patient to better perform exercises therapy to continue their rehabilitation.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the best care possible, whilst encouraging them to take an active role in managing their own health and wellbeing. Normally our physiotherapists will prescribe patients a set of rehabilitation exercises tailored to them and their individual needs. These exercises will complement the treatment under taken in clinic and will be progressive in nature, aiming to improve movement patterns, increase strength and/or flexibility, reduce pain and promote independence and quality of life.

Our physiotherapists are experienced in working with individuals ranging from the elderly, to elite international level sporting athletes. We recognise that each individual has their own expectations and requirements from their treatment and rehabilitation, therefore we aim to tailor your rehabilitation specifically to your needs and goals.

Your physiotherapist will work with you to set specific goals that are measurable, achievable and realistic within a set time frame. No matter what your current level of function is, our physiotherapists can help you achieve your aspirations.

Our physiotherapists are also trained in sports massage and have experience working within elite sport competition and with international level athletes providing soft tissue treatments to help them achieve optimal performance.

We can offer sports massage to suit your needs in relation to recovery and training.

We offer:

  1. Pre training / event sports massage
  2. Post training / recovery sports massage
  3. Maintenance sports massage

Whatever your level of activity, injury should not be the reason you can’t perform.

Our physiotherapists have worked and currently do work with professional and recreational athletes, ranging from martial arts to British gymnastic team; Super league Rugby to professional football, UK athletics to fell and mountain runners, national swimmers to horse trials jockeys, the range is wide and diverse.

We have a special interest not only in the treatment of injuries but also in their prevention and work hard to help improve performance and reduce injury risk. We have close links with our biomechanics department and as such can perform advanced movement analysis, assess and rehabilitate your muscle function on the isokinetic machine and devise a specific strengthening/flexibility / stability program to suit your needs.

Due to our close links with other University departments we can, with prior arrangement, provide advice on technique, coaching and sport specific training.

We offer evening appointments and will try hard to accommodate those players who are unable to compete.

Following extensive work within the professional sporting environment, it is inbuilt within our beliefs that preventing injuries from happening in the first instance is always preferable. Injuries, along with the pain and disabilities that often accompany them can have significant impact on an individual’s quality of life, hobbies, work life and wellbeing.

Utilising our extensive knowledge of injury prevention strategies and screening techniques, our therapists at the UCLan Wellbeing Physiotherapy Clinic have designed a screening program designed to identify any muscular imbalances, restrictions of movement, movement dysfunctions and injury risk factors.

The package includes an initial screening session of up to 60 minutes in duration where the physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment of all the major joints and muscles as well as some functional testing.

You will then be invited back to a 30 minute follow up session where the details of the screening will be discussed with you. At this point you will be provided with a personalised assessment report and injury prevention program for you to perform away from the clinic. You will also be provided with the opportunity to ask any questions or discuss anything you are unsure about in the report.

Respiratory management is focussed on enabling those who suffer from chronic respiratory problems to manage their condition and the resulting symptoms in order to maximise function. Conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Asthma, Emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Bronchitis can leave an individual struggling to manage the symptoms and lead an active lifestyle.

Using the most up to date treatment methods, our physiotherapists can introduce programs to assist with symptom management such as breathlessness and sputum clearance, whilst introducing techniques to help individuals maximise function.

Treatment techniques, specialist movement analysis and exercise interventions are used with the aim being to regain improved function and independence, alongside the maintenance of joint ranges and soft tissue length. Specific handling techniques are used to relax over tight structures or stimulate under active muscles.

Our Physiotherapy team will work alongside the individual and their carers in order to devise treatment programs that are tailored to the client and their own specific needs, taking into account varying levels of ability and the overall goals of rehabilitation. For many clients regular therapy can be of benefit and where possible our Physiotherapy team will implement maintenance programs which can be carried out within the home setting.

We have close links with the University biomechanics department who are located just across the corridor from our clinic room. As such, we are able to offer advanced movement analysis using their wide array of cutting-edge equipment.

Digital video cameras and the latest motion analysis systems can assess and individuals movements whilst performing functional activities such as running on the treadmill or jumping / landing from height frame by frame, with our experienced team of performance lab technicians able to deliver high quality analysis.

Whether you are an amateur athlete wanting to take your performances up a notch, or a seasoned professional looking to gain an edge on your competition, the biomechanics lab are able to help!

Due to the diverse capabilities of the biomechanics laboratory, please contact us detailing your requirements and one of our team will reply to discuss your needs and provide a quote for cost.

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Availability and Appointments


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Tel: +44 (0)1772 894902


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The Physiotherapy Clinic can be found within the Brook Building on the University's Preston Campus.
The Physiotherapy Clinic (Room 29)
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