Digital Technologies

We provide digital support to identify challenges and solutions. Our specialist teams can help you adopt new technologies such as data analytics, robotics and 3D printing, that will increase your productivity and efficiency

We connect you with our industry experts and technicians to help you with technological advances. This will enable you to build on specialist know-how and skills within your business.

Improve digital performance

The Digitalplus project supports Lancashire SMEs with the use of digital technologies.

The Digitalplus project

Improve manufacturing processes

The DigitME2 project supports manufacturing SMEs in Lancashire, helping businesses increase productivity and become more efficient using digital technologies.

The DigitME2 project

The Lancashire Partnership for Digital Futures

Our specialists in data science, digital systems and design, work in partnership with experts and practitioners in: the engineering, manufacturing and agricultural industries; the justice, financial, health and social care professions; and educational, cultural and leisure services.

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IN4.0 PLC focuses on innovation and using new technologies to help businesses grow.

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