Studying at UCLan has led to wide and varied careers across the globe, and this is something we are very proud of. We want to share your successes, from whatever field that may be.

Terence Jagger


BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care, 2016

Following a twenty-year career working for the NHS, UCLan graduate, Terence Jagger, is now working at the very University he credits for his own academic progression.

Terence spent ten years working as a Senior Cardiac Physiologist for the NHS prior to the tragedy of losing both of his parents to cancer at a young age. Due to this experience, Terence felt that he had the knowledge and empathy to look after cancer patients and so became inspired to help others during such difficult times.

Terence started work as a Trainee Assistant Practitioner in the Outpatient Oncology Department at Royal Preston Hospital, and as part of his new position was offered the chance to study a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care for Assistant Practitioners at the University of Central Lancashire. Terence completed his course and went on to study the BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care Top-Up at UCLan’s Burnley Campus, which he was successfully awarded in 2016.

Speaking about his graduation ceremony, Terence said: “The graduation ceremony was something I will never forget. I felt very proud of my achievement.”

Following the successful completion of his course, Terence became a fully qualified Assistant Practitioner in the Oncology Outpatient Department at the Rosemere Cancer Centre, which is based at the Royal Preston Hospital.

His role here included assisting with patient care; from being a patient chaperone to maintenance of central lines, taking bloods, electrocardiograms and being there as someone for patients to talk to.

Talking about his role at the Rosemere Cancer Centre, Terence said: “Many of my patients were lonely and came to the unit on their own, feeling frightened and vulnerable. I tried to provide support and care to the patients, listening to their concerns and providing comfort during their cancer journey, which I felt honoured to be a part of. For me, this wasn’t a job; it was a privilege.’

In 2017 Terence decided to continue with his academic journey and commenced an MSc in Sexual Health Studies at UCLan. In 2018 he was successful in gaining a permanent teaching role at the University and now works as a Work Based Education Tutor in UCLan’s School of Health and Midwifery, where he teaches and supports students on the Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care and the Higher Degree Apprenticeship for Assistant Practitioners.

When asked about his time at UCLan, Terence said: “The University has a very warm, friendly and family feel to it. There is just something that 'opens the doors' and greets you with an enormous sense of welcome. I have met, and still meet, some amazing lecturers who always spare the time to listen to the students. UCLan is a great place to study whether you are straight from college or, like me, in your late 40's!”

Terence continued: “It is such a privilege to be at UCLan as a member of staff and to support the programme I truly believe in. As a lifelong Prestonian, I feel proud to be giving something back.”

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Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson

BA (Hons) Community Leadership (Top-Up), 2016

As well as wanting to better himself and his career, Paul Wilkinson has a passion for helping others. Therefore, UCLan’s BA (Hons) Community Leadership course was perfect for Paul to give him the confidence and the knowledge needed to go out into communities delivering various projects.

“Having come from a deprived background with limited resources and never really taking education seriously,” says Paul. “I decided to go to university, not just to change my situation, but to change other people in similar situations.”

Paul graduated in 2016 with a First Class Honours degree after studying at UCLan’s Burnley campus. Although he has many fond memories of his time at the University, graduating stands out the most for Paul.

He said: “I take some credit for that, but the credit should be with the lecturers on the Community Leadership course who were very supportive throughout my studies and always found time to speak with me if I had any queries. They also gave me the necessary tools and techniques and empowered me, which is something I will be forever grateful for.”

Since becoming UCLan Alumni, Paul has continued his connections with the University. First, he worked as an Emancipatory Research intern before gaining full-time employment as a Research Assistant.

Speaking on taking the decision to study at UCLan, Paul said: “Don’t let fear and a lack of confidence get in your way when wanting to study in Higher Education. Believe me, I have been there and I can truly say this has changed my family’s life, and mine.

“The degree has equipped me with various skills that I use at work on a daily basis and also helps me see things from a different perspective.”

In addition to achieving a career, Paul won a Community Hero Award, Community Legend Award and The Vice-Chancellor’s Award of Excellence for his commitment to the voluntary sector.

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Sarah Ahmed

Sarah Ahmed

BA (Hons) Community Leadership (Top-Up), 2016

Before arriving at UCLan’s Burnley campus, Sarah Ahmed’s ambitions were to work as a teacher in the Middle East, but did not carry her dream forward due to a lack of confidence. However, Sarah says “After joining the Community Leadership course everything changed for me, I was helped in many ways to boost my confidence and that is why I am now a Curriculum Manager.”

Sarah works for TOP (The Oxford Partnership College) and is responsible for securing and monitoring the implementation of schemes of work by subject staff and by those on teaching practice and the management and organization of coursework, internal examinations, moderation and teacher assessment. Something Sarah says she wouldn’t have been able to achieve without studying at UCLan.

She said: “The experiences I gained through facilitating in the Global Youth Solutions conferences had a huge impact on my employment and my life in general. I honestly do not know where I would be if it wasn’t for my degree”.

“If you would like to feel like you have genuinely achieved something by giving your time to people through your knowledge, then this is definitely the course for you.   Overall, studying is a great achievement if it can give you great things in life and can also teach you a way of life.”

Sarah remembers the travelling the course enabled her to do and delivering internationally recognised conferences as her lasting memories of studying at the University, along with the lecturers at UCLan.

She said: “I was very blessed to have the teachers I did during the course of my degree. To know we have teachers out there who do not only focus on the academic side of things but are there for you to support you in the real world too is a major asset to have.”