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Why Preston was perfect for Sneha Prajapati

3rd Year BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences Student

What made UCLan so appealing to you?

UCLan has a good number of international students. It was rated 5 star in the QS World University Rankings for quality of education. It also had free airport collection which made me feel welcomed and lessened my stress after coming into this country. This university has very supportive staff and a number of academic services we can seek help from throughout the course like Wiser. It has the largest neuroscience group in the U.K. Moreover, UCLan has wonderful architecture with social spaces and a cafeteria in every block. This university offers lots of free language courses and offers an Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme called URIS over the summer. This gives an opportunity to make the most out of the summer.

Why do you think people should come to Preston?

Preston is situated in the North West and is a beautiful city with a wonderful history. It has the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Museum of Lancashire, parks and a stadium. It has a number of bars and restaurants and has lively nightlife. It is close to Manchester Airport and commuting to other cities is easy via train and bus. Moreover, Preston has a very welcoming diverse culture.


Was it easy to settle into the course?

It was easy to settle into the course because on the first day of university, we had our course induction. We were given a taste of all the modules and the knowledge I would receive throughout my course, which is BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science. Moreover, my academic advisor had arranged a meeting regarding the services and facilities I could access throughout the course. I liked the fact that the staff were helpful and understanding from day one. All of them introduced themselves and encouraged to knock on their office doors whenever I had any doubts.

What is the teaching like here?

Teaching is excellent. The lecturers make the lectures interesting and engaging. We are given enough essential and additional material to expand our knowledge in the subject area. The small sized tutorial and practical groups are key to my understanding at UCLan. This helps me to communicate better and ask as many questions as I want. Further, the feedbacks are extensive and detailed, which has helped me improve during the course of the degree.

What personal skills have you gained from your studies?

During the course of this degree, I had a number of opportunities to increase my personal skills. Firstly, my course itself has being designed to provide a number of personal skills like oral and written presentation, team work, confidence, professionalism, etc. through a number of assessments every year. Ex. Poster presentation, problem-based learning, etc. Secondly, there are number of responsibilities which I have undertaken like being a member of the Bioscience Buddies, Student Ambassador, ball committee member, etc. which has helped me gain confidence, leadership skills, strong communication and written skills.

How does the course prepare you for further studies/careers?

This course has been designed to develop professionalism for future careers and studies. Firstly, the weekly labs help me gain laboratory skills like working with light microscope, pipetting, etc., which is very useful for further studies and careers equally. Secondly, the coursework and exams helped me gain communicative, group work and interpersonal skills, etc. These assessments has also helped me enhance knowledge, analytical and critical thinking and its application which is required for both further studies and careers.

Do any of you have any personal barriers that you have overcome while studying at UCLan?

As an international student, my main barrier was living on my own without my family. It was difficult at first, but then I joined the International Students Society and attended the fresher’s week events. This helped me make new friends and this made me feel like home. I’d say UCLan has also made me proud taking responsibility for myself and being away from home. Moreover, I am also pleased to have developed my CV by the number of responsibilities I have taken after coming to UCLan.

Outside of your studies, what other opportunities have you been involved in?

Outside my studies, I have taken up opportunities within UCLan like being a member of Bioscience Buddies, Student Ambassador, etc. I also have a part-time job as an Office Assistant. I have also been involved in volunteering for local charity called Headway, Preston and Chorley, and also in the Royal Preston Hospital.

Why should people choose this course?

This course is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science, which is required to register as a Biomedical Scientist and work in the lab as a professional. It is an Honours degree which involves quality education, with in-depth knowledge of how the human body functions under normal and diseased conditions. This course has been wonderfully structured to enhance the understanding of different subjects and their applications. It involves theoretical and practical knowledge which helps develop key laboratory skills with scientific practice.

13 March 2018