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Third Year Starts in Style for Geography, Biology, and Environmental Management Students

Fieldwork is an essential part of Geography, Biology, and Environmental Management. Our students engage in fieldwork throughout their degrees in order to develop their skills and relate what they have learnt in the classroom to real world situations.

To start their third year, Geography, Biology and Environmental Management students embark on a substantial field trip to consolidate and build on what they have learnt in the first two years of their degrees. This year, the students had a choice of China, and the Isle of Rum and Scotland. Both trips were a resounding success.

The students in China had an action-packed schedule, visiting Beijing, the Chengdu Panda Research Base, Qingcheng Mountain, the Great Wall of China, and the Terracotta Army, amongst other places. China’s vast population is industrialising and urbanising rapidly, throwing up unique social and environmental challenges that the students got to experience first-hand. Whilst in Beijing, the students spent time at the Geographical Society of China, the Beijing University of Agriculture, and the Beijing Urban Planning and Exhibition Centre.

The students on the Rum Field Trip were equally busy, spending time on the Isle of Rum as well as visiting the Cairngorms National Park and Edinburgh. The Isle of Rum is Scotland’s 15th largest island, but it is only inhabited by about 30 people. It is a National Nature Reserve, and the students were able to observe a whole range of wildlife including Manx Shearwaters, Golden Eagles, Red Deer, and Basking Sharks.

In the Cairngorms National Park, the students spent time with Ian Perks, the Senior Site Manager of RSPB Abernathy, discussing the wide variety of species in the area and the challenges involved in preserving and protecting them. In Edinburgh, the students learnt about the development of the city and its world heritage status from UCLan Lecturer Dr. Mark Toogood. They also visited the Scottish Parliament, gaining an insight into how politics in Scotland functions.

BA Geography student Becky Ovington went to China, and had this to say about the trip: “The Geography field trip to China was an amazing experience, firstly to visit China, but secondly to embrace the culture and history of the country. The trip looked into both physical and human aspects within China, pollution issues in major cities, as well as the diverse history of the country. Overall a truly memorable and valuable trip.”


Students relax whilst exploring the Great Wall of China.
China field trip 2018


Staff and students at the summit of Cairngorm, Scotland, the sixth highest mountain in the United Kingdom.
Scotland field trip 2018