Skeleton, Science and Labs...Oh my! Lauren Beattie

MSc Forensic Anthropology

Having graduated with a degree in Forensic Science and Anthropology, Lauren Beattie is now back at UCLan as a postgraduate student taking a masters in Forensic Anthropology. In Lauren’s mind, there was no doubt that UCLan was always going to be the right University for her.

“UCLan has one of the best schools in regards to Forensic Science. Due to this as an undergrad I didn’t actually apply to any other universities - all my five course choices were in the forensic science field at UCLan.

“The lecturers know their stuff. They also have some really impressive professional backgrounds, so I knew I was going to be in great hands.

“There is a really good collection of skeletons here at UCLan, from juvenile right up to the elderly, there are really good examples of different pathologies and traumas. It makes learning about it a lot easier as it’s always better to be able to see and witness things that are spoken about in lectures. The huge 24hr library is also an absolute saviour!”

University life hasn’t always been plain-sailing for Lauren however. Due to major surgery in her first spell at UCLan, Lauren was unable to physically attend lectures for large parts of the latter years of her degree. Throughout this difficult time, however, Lauren received the constant support of her tutors and course leader who made sure that she did not suffer from being unable to attend classes.

“In undergrad I underwent major surgery. I couldn’t attend university for most of second and third year, it was hard work keeping up with work and deadlines when I wasn’t attending any lectures, however all of my lecturers and my course leader were fantastic! I always had any support I needed, and staff were always accommodating to have meetings with me to help me get back up to speed.

“All the lecturers know exactly what they are talking about, and they're also there for you every step of the way. I have always found that if I’ve didn’t understand anything it's never been as a problem, as staff are always happy to answer any questions and offer any support you need until you fully understand.”

Whilst Lauren states that she is looking forward to completing her Masters, she also says that many memories have been made to take away from her time at UCLan. “I’m really looking forward to my Masters Dissertation project. I will be looking at a collection of skulls that have been found in Preston docks. I will be working in the Harris Museum with this collection of skulls, and I will also be assisting teams in Canada and London with some research they are currently undertaking which will be really interesting.

“In first year we had the opportunity to go to wales for a couple of days on a leadership course, it was so much fun! Not only did I get to bond with students on my own course that I wouldn’t typically have spoken to before, I got to meet students on other courses. If it's still available and you have the opportunity to go I 100% recommend it!

“Enjoy the university experiences. Preston as well as UCLan’s SU has loads to offer, so in your downtime make the most of it!”