Pharmacy student's venture to Vienna

Fourth Year MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy Student

"UCLan was appealing to me because I live in Lancaster so being close to home really appealed to me. Preston is a small city with everything you need - it is easy to get around, the trains to other cities are very frequent, and easily accessible.

It was very easy to settle into MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy course because first year is a chance for everyone, regardless of your previous education, to be brought to the same level. I liked the module content and university timetabling in comparison to school and sixth form. Not only that but the teaching is brilliant; the lecturers are very approachable and always willing to help.

I have definitely gained more confidence from my studies, which is great for getting involved in opportunities. University has improved my public speaking because of presentations and being part of the Pharmacy Society, which has helped me a lot.

Pharmacy has become a profession that goes beyond working as a local chemist; there are multiple roles in the career, including industry, academia and even running clinics as a prescriber. UCLan has certainly educated students to appreciate the diversity of pharmacy.

I have had the opportunity to go to Vienna to the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) conference with other students; I have recently been to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) headquarters in Manchester as a student champion. I have been involved with Pharmacy Buddies, which involves organising events and mentoring the lower years. I am also secretary of the Pharmacy Society, which has enabled me to raise money for charity and organise socials for the school to come together to have a break from university work!

The advice I would give to prospective students is If you would like to study pharmacy at a university where the lecturers are lovely, there are plenty of opportunities both national and international, and where you will receive lots of help with your career in an increasingly competitive profession, then UCLan is the place for you.


People should choose the MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy course at UCLan because Pharmacy is an emerging role in the healthcare sector; pharmacists are indefinitely valued as experts in medicines, and there are a multitude of opportunities after university."

10 April 2018