Sports Coaching student Megan Smith tells us about her experience

BA (Hons) Sports Coaching (Third year)

Third year Sports Coaching student, Megan Smith tells us all about her journey at UCLan so far and how this has led to a year studying in the United Arab Emirates.

When discussing her reasons for choosing her course and UCLan, Megan explained “One of the main factors that helped me choose to study Sports Coaching at UCLan was that I was familiar with the area and that UCLan was far enough away from home (Manchester), but not too far, so I could travel home easily when I wanted. When I had questions about the course/university, the lecturers were very helpful in answering my questions and treating me like I was going to be valued. The BA (Hons) Sports Coaching course was perfect, with a good selection of modules that appealed to me. This combination of factors made it the right course at the right university for me”.

“A great start to the course and university life was a trip to North Wales, which allowed all the students to get to know each other quickly and easily. It was a blast! I am amazed at how far I have progressed, both as a person and as a coach. Furthermore, I’m also extremely happy with how much knowledge I have gained, which has helped boost my confidence and motivation. As with anything, you have to put the work in to get the results you want. I have learnt to juggle university work and assignments with my sport, coaching and social life. All of these combined have made my university experience very enjoyable so far, having already gained friends for life”.

Megan Smith
Megan Smith

In addition to this, Megan has achieved a number of personal and professional achievements since starting at UCLan. “Joining the UCLan Hockey Club and becoming Captain of the Women’s first team is where most of my enjoyable memories lie. Meeting lots of new, fun people and living with my friends has allowed me to gain so many special memories. One of my greatest achievements is gaining a 1:1 in both my first and second years. It’s such a great feeling to know that all of my hard work is paying off. Another notable achievement is gaining an internship in Sharjah (Emirate next to Dubai), working as a Wellness Coach at the American University of Sharjah. This is how I’m spending my third year (placement year), living the dream by coaching day in day out in the incredible UAE. The key to having a successful university experience is to get a good balance of everything. This includes your studies, social life and extra-circular activities. Don’t forget, everybody is in the same boat at first and everyone was new to this at one point. Just throw yourself in right from the get go. The tutors and lecturers are full of knowledge and have lots of experience”.

“Studying Sports Coaching at UCLan has made a huge impact on both my personal and professional development. The opportunities and experiences I have been presented with have been invaluable to me. My hard work has been noted by my lecturers and led to opportunities including; becoming the England Hockey Performance Coach, Men’s Hockey Club Coach and working/living in the United Arab Emirates for the duration of my placement year. The knowledge I’ve gained has been applied directly to my professional coaching and as my confidence has increased, it has allowed me to take on bigger challenges than I would have thought possible”.