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Endodontology student Hasveer Sangha tells us about his experience

MSc Endodontology Student

"When researching MSc Endodontic courses I found many other courses did not involve actual patient contact and treating the patients. At UCLan, in the second year, you begin treating patients that have been provided by the onsite UCLan Dental Clinic, which made it easier. I attended one of the Open Days here at UCLan and I knew straight away that this was where I wanted to study."

Hasveer Sangha
Hasveer Sangha

"The first couple of sessions on the course were a good mix between lectures and practical exercises mixed with people from the other postgraduate dentistry courses in our year. We then got to see these people regularly during the literature component of our courses so it was a nice introduction. Everyone on the course was really friendly and keen to learn, including the staff who were really supportive from day one and they employed a variety of teaching techniques. Having small class sizes enhanced the teaching experience. I found there was a gradual progression in the amount of work we were expected to do at home as the course progressed which helped ease me in.

Since starting the course one of my most improved skills involved critically appraising the literature I was reading and now I am confident in assessing what is clinically relevant for my practice. Also, thanks to my course lead, I have been published internationally. I am now awaiting my second publication. If it was not for this course I don’t think it would be something I’d have been involved in. 

It can be easy to fall behind so set yourself deadlines and do not be afraid to ask for help from either your fellow students or your lecturers - everyone is supportive. The students are all supportive and friendly, the equipment is state of the art, the course is well structured and the staff all love what they teach. Completion of this course has translated into me accepting some endodontic referrals and I am looking forward to expanding on this now I have bought my own practice."