What Dean Hardy loves about Preston

2nd Year MBBS Student

"UCLan has a unique way of teaching their medical students, from week one you are with patients and learning new clinical skills and by the end of first year, you are delivering your own consultation in a real-life GP setting! You are certainly made to feel like a doctor from early on, the classes are small groups, so it gives us good opportunities to learn from the tutors and ask as many questions as possible.

UCLan is in the heart of Preston, with so much to do and so much going on. There is lots of social clubs, societies, sports clubs and easy transport links to travel the UK. UCLan is well known for its genuine care of their students, and it was a no brainer for me to study a difficult course in such a well-supported university. It was very easy to settle into the course before the course even began, the tutors organised a 3-day trip to Wales. Here we stayed at an outdoor centre, engaging in team building, activities and social events with other new students and the staff of the school. By the end of the 3 days, we had all bonded really well, making the start of the course easier to settle.

I like the diversity of the MBBS programme, no day is the same. One day could be lectures, anatomy, clinical skills, placement, or even a free day to study. It certainly keeps us motivated and on our toes. In addition, every teacher knows every students name. The support was clear from the first week. We have a range of teachers: Doctors in research and Professors teach us the science aspect, Junior Doctors, Registrars and Trainee Surgeons teach us the clinical aspect and GPs teach us the communication aspect. The classes are small group-based learning, which makes learning easier as there is more chances to ask questions if we are unsure.

Dean Hardy
Dean Hardy

Since starting, I have learnt a range of clinical skills including abdominal, cardiovascular and respiratory examinations, administering injections and lots more. The course is preparing us for the real world of Medicine. The course is tough, requires long hours, organisation and commitment to care, but does not come without the support of others.

Preston is a growing city. It is modern, thriving and multi-cultural. Unlike other cities I have lived in, Preston has easy access to all areas of the city. If you fancy a night out, a meal, cinema, or just to go down to the docks and relax, you are within 10 minutes of it all. If you wanted to go out for the day to another big city in the UK, the public transport links are fantastic. Preston is also a very safe place, well looked after and managed, which allows students to enjoy their freedom of being at university without the worry of safety being a concern.

If you want to live in a thriving city, and study in modern, excellent first-class facilities surrounded by the support of brilliant teachers and staff alike, then this is the perfect place to come. The course is unique in its ability to teach students real world medicine. The facilities, small group classes, early patient contact and a range of healthcare professionals as teachers make UCLan Medicine train us to be the best doctors we can be.