Arron Dalvair's experience studying MPharm

2nd Year MPharm Student

Arron Dalvair
Arron Dalvair

Pharmacy, MPharm (Hons)

Why choose UCLan?

Firstly I’m very family orientated being close to my immediate family was a key decision in choosing a university and UCLan offered me this. As well as this Preston is a small city so it’s not overwhelming and UCLan is right in the heart of the city centre.

What did you like about the programme?

The programme offers early patient contact from pretty much the first few weeks which is great as there is no shock when you go out on placements as you have already had the experience and developed the correct skills when interacting with patients. There was one patient in particular that I built up a great relationship with and I have enjoyed that connection with the patients. Also Comensus has taught me a great deal in approaching situations that include patients.

How does the course prepare you?

The placements offered give you real-life experience which is priceless, it’s a real taster into the role and as mentioned patient interaction and the methods have been really good practice for me in order to develop my skills. The staff are all dedicated to helping you further yourself and offering themselves to your development, it’s great.

What’s the teaching like?

I love it. They’re all really friendly, the lecturers are brilliant especially Harun. The sessions are engaging and hands-on which has been great for me, that’s the way I like to learn, as much as the academic side is important I really enjoy the value of practical sessions.  Also the lecturers are jokey which just helps to relax you, they’re not just reading from presentations, some of them actually have jokes!

Outside of studies what opportunities have you been involved in?

I’m a big American Football fan and I’m on the UCLan American Football team which has been good to be involved in. Alongside this I am MPharm Buddy and part of Rock Soc (Rock Society) which is a music society at the university so I’ve been keeping pretty busy.