Apoorva shares his experience

Apoorva, Medicine

Apoorva, was originally from India and had grown up in Dubai from a young age. Now Apoorva is fully embracing student life in Preston.

"If you are considering studying at the University of Central Lancashire I would definitely advise you to come; it’s a very good university. I am learning amongst people who know a lot because I came straight from high school and on my course most people already have a degree! I have not had a single moment of being bored since being here – yes, I have to study a lot but because it is a smaller city you can really focus on your studies. When you want to relax you can visit nearby cities like Manchester or Liverpool, but honestly I always think how much I would dislike studying in these bigger cities because there are too many distractions."

Apoorva Dudani
Apoorva Dudani

Keeping active

In my spare time, I like to use the free University gym (Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre) for various things: fitness, badminton, squash, basketball and tennis. I was the Secretary of the Tennis Society this year which was great because I made friends from Iran, China, Europe and the UK. There are quite a few Indian people here too and when I want a reminder of home I go to a restaurant called RK Sweets – the Dosa is my favourite! My final piece of advice for international students, especially Medicine students, would be to join a different society (like I did with Tennis!) – I would highly recommend this to meet new and different people who you can socialise with away from your studies here at the University of Central Lancashire.