Our research has a positive impact on people’s lives all over the world

Our longstanding mission to transform lives now extends to every corner of the globe. Our researchers are engaged in innovative and life-changing international projects – from film-making for marginalised communities, to solving crime and improving maternity care worldwide.

We collaborate with major international organisations, from the United Nations and the World Health Organization to the European Space Agency and NASA.

Our research is driving technological change; putting cutting-edge ideas into practice; and improving the health, livelihoods and future prospects of whole communities across the globe.

We contribute towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, with a high number of projects involving countries receiving Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding.

Academics have worked on numerous projects funded by the QR Global Challenges Research Fund (QR-GCRF), that highlight the tremendous and diverse work being delivered and how this is making an impact on the developing countries and partners.

Our research fits under six broad themes, ranging from arts and culture to transformative science and technology. See a snapshot of our recent international activity across these themes:

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage – 10 projects undertaken in 17 countries, with £128K funding from 6 different organisations. Research includes: film-making for marginalised communities, migration, EFL, history, performance
  • Citizenship, Society and Justice – 15 projects undertaken in 19 countries, with £1.4m funding from 4 different organisations. Research includes: deaf studies, health inequalities, tax, justice, covid-19, youth, mediation
  • Lifelong Health and Wellbeing – 51 projects undertaken in 30 different countries, with £3.3m funding from 20 different organisations. Research includes: medicine, medical health, neurology, stroke, covid, immune system, maternal and infant health, equine, orthotics
  • People, Place and Environment – 6 projects undertaken in 8 different countries, with £127K funding from 2 different organisations. Research includes: dark tourism, urban challenges, displaced communities
  • Sustainability, Business and Enterprise – 14 projects undertaken in 22 different countries, with £916K funding received from 5 different organisations. Research includes: policy development, entrepreneurship, dark tourism, sustainability, waste management, forestry, policing
  • Transformative Sciences and Technology – 15 projects undertaken in 27 different countries, with £1m funding from 4 different organisations. Research includes: health, drug delivery, astronomy, landmines, nanocomposites, software security, pollution, polymers, fire toxicity