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Veronica tells us why she chose Nursing

The fact that the University places great importance on welcoming international students and helping them adapt to the new stresses of university life is one of the main reasons Veronica chose to study at the University of Central Lancashire.

Preston greeted me with a cold gust of wind and a drizzle of rain which was a complete contrast from Dubai’s hot weather. As I walked through the University with my dad; looking for the possible buildings that I will have my lectures in, reality set in and that soon I would have to figure out how to live on my own. I have learned though to bundle up, bring an umbrella and invest in a good winter jacket.

UCLan has made me feel welcome by hosting a range of different activities and events that provided me with opportunities to branch out and meet new people. On my first day, I joined the tour around campus and the city centre and came back with not only having some idea of where I could eat, shop and explore but also met a new friend.

The University also provides us with ample opportunities to meet friendly and like-minded individuals through various clubs and social activities.

Preston is the complete opposite of where I used to live. The tall skyscrapers were replaced with smaller buildings and trees, the heat and humid air was substituted with cold and gloomy weather and the busy metropolitan noise was replaced with the sound of chirping birds. It was a complete shock to the system in the beginning, but the change of scenery is deemed welcoming and appreciated.

Veronica Viardo, BSc (Hons) Nursing with Registered Nurse (Adult) student
Veronica Viardo, BSc (Hons) Nursing with Registered Nurse (Adult) student

The BSc (Hons) Nursing with Registered Nurse (Adult) course is equally divided in terms of theory and practice. When student nurses are not busy studying for anatomy, nursing policies and practices, we are in clinical placements learning from nurses, doctors and their conforming multidisciplinary teams. Being in clinical placement has been physically and emotionally demanding, yet I keep coming back for more. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that in your own way you were able to provide some comfort to a patient.

The course provides placements in hospitals, the community and clinics in order to gain a variety of different types of nursing care. With the current pandemic and being placed in the Critical Care Unit, my passion for nursing further developed. I was not only able to learn more about COVID-19 and different critical illnesses, but it also helped me gain more knowledge and experience in patient care, recovery and established skills needed to become a nurse.

Our academics are well experienced and recognised professionals who are able to provide students with a conducive environment to grow and learn in. They are cooperative, pragmatic and provide us with all the necessary skills, opportunities and guidance to become successful healthcare professionals.

Being a member of the Sir Thomas Finney Sports Centre has allowed me to play football, badminton and volleyball with friends. It provides chances for us to step away from all of our academic strains and time to de-stress. They also offer a range of classes such as Zumba and yoga which I have yet to try.

Living in a private accommodation near the University has definitely been a good decision. It's my home away from home.  The staff are quite accommodating to our needs and requirements.  The University also has 24-hour surveillance and offers free transportation from the Preston campus to your accommodation during the night.

As a nursing student, I greatly value the time outside of placements and coursework. I use my spare time to unwind and recharge my energy for another demanding day in the hospital. I really enjoy catching up with my friends, travelling to a different city close-by or even quick trips to the park with my friends.