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Chevening scholar John tells us about his master’s studies

While he had the choice of many universities to study at, the opportunity to study crime scene investigation greatly influenced John’s decision to come here, and he was even elected as course rep. John was also offered a Chevening Scholarship to study his dream course at the University of Central Lancashire.

The most enjoyable part of my course, MSc Forensic Science, is going to the lab or to the crime scene houses and getting the chance to have hands-on experience of the forensic methods I’ve only read about or seen in movies.

My tutors have been the best and I couldn’t have asked for more. I like the way my course leader, Dr William Goodwin, shows a personal interest in every one of us and regularly provides feedback and guidance for group assignments. I am privileged to be on a programme that has lecturers who have had years of practical experience in the aspect they teach. 

The way my Crime Scene Science lecturer, Kevin Pritchard, shares real examples from his time in the army and as a CSI makes the course very practical which makes me look forward to the lab sessions and our visits to the Crime Scene Houses.

A major difference between my previous education in Nigeria and the British education is that here, students are given tasks that encourage them to do more independent study while lecturers provide guidance and answer questions. Assignments involving teamwork and peer assessments are also more common here.

When I first arrived in Preston, I called Security at almost midnight. Within a few minutes, they met me at my accommodation and handed me the keys to my room. As late in the night as it was, they took the time to show me around my flat and help me settle in as smoothly as possible. The welcome package left for me in the room by the Student Accommodation office was also very handy in getting through my period of self-isolation.

John Ogunyemi,  MSc Forensic Science student
John Ogunyemi, MSc Forensic Science student

I chose UCLan accommodation based on the recommendation of a current student at the time I made the decision, and I am glad I did. The living conditions are perfect for me. I also like the fact that my accommodation is close to all the places I go often – the library, laboratory, the crime scene houses and the city centre.

I have also used the Career Edge service and I am impressed by the volume of career advice and skills development content on their website. I attend some webinars during the virtual career fair which opened my eyes to the work-study and post-study work opportunities available to UCLan students and graduates.

My election as the course rep has been a standout experience for me. UCLan offers platforms to build lasting professional networks, and develop skills and competencies that are critical to your career development.

During my spare time, I take walks in the parks and around the city. Since I enrolled in the UCLan Worldwise Learning Centre to learn a new language, I also use my spare time to practise the Spanish I am learning.

The current situation of things has made it a little more difficult to relate with people outside my home but I have been able to make friends with my flatmates. As the class rep for my course, I have also been able to make friends with some of my course mates.

I am grateful to the Chevening Scholarship and to the University of Central Lancashire for their partnership with Chevening in offering me this fully funded scholarship to study my dream course.