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MA Interpreting and Translation Graduate sets up his own business

MA Interpreting and Translation

University of Central Lancashire graduate of MA Interpreting and Translation, Simon Diez, enrolled at the University with the intention of broadening his skills whilst already working as a Freelance Interpreter.

His degree has allowed him to add ‘Conference Interpreter’ to his portfolio, which was what he focused on developing throughout his course.

Simon has now established his own Freelance career and successfully runs his own business, stating: “I’m standing on my own two feet so that’s what really makes me happy. I feel like I’ve arrived and I’m ready for whatever comes.

“I really like it because being your own boss creates a lot of possibilities. It’s not always easy because you don’t always have a steady workload; you have to find clients and find work, but I really love it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world at the moment.”

UCLan clearly left a lasting impression on Simon, as he returned to the University to deliver a talk to current Masters Students in the School of Language and Global Studies.


He was invited back to share his experiences about his career since leaving University and the steps he took after graduation.

“I have to say that UCLan and the study programme here was a giant leap for myself and my business,” said Simon, who received two prizes from the School of Language and Global Studies during his time in Preston.

“I think it’s a great atmosphere here because it’s an international atmosphere and you hear so many different languages… it was a really hands on study programme, I really learnt the techniques of interpreting. It wasn’t just writing and talking about it, it was actually doing it.”

17 April 2018