Economics graduate Nyanar Jasmine Deng talks about moving to the UK to study at UCLan

Travelling from her native Kenya to the UK for the first time in September 2016, Jasmine was embarking on a journey to UCLan to study Economics.

Fast-forward three years and she is leaving the University not only as a graduate with a First-Class Honours degree but also as the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise, Enterprising Women’s Groups Inspiring Female Student Award winner.

Studying in a new country hasn’t been without its challenges – in my first year there was a slight culture shock adjusting to my new life over here in Preston and I had to work hard to focus on my studies. However, the Professors and Tutors are very accommodating and always available to support you with anything; academic or personal.

I chose UCLan because of my experience through the application process. I applied to five UK universities but UCLan advised me the most and were ever-present, which made me think that I’d get the most help and support here. 

"After studying at UCLan for three years I can honestly say that the staff and student community are so friendly and helpful, especially to international students."

Nyanar Jasmine Deng, Economics, BSc (Hons)
Nyanar Jasmine Deng
Nyanar Jasmine Deng

My decision proved to be a good one, because when I arrived here to study it was my first time in the UK and I liked the whole environment and how the nice, quiet nature of the University was good to help international students adjust. In addition, you are literally just five minutes away from anything and everything you need.

The highlight of my time here has been my relationship with the Professors and Tutors. My Course Leader was great to me, although at first I didn’t speak to him as much. I found the more I engaged, the more help I got which was beneficial to me. Away from my course, I have managed to explore many different parts of the UK, such as: London, Manchester, Cumbria, Wales, Birmingham and The Lake District!

Preston is a really nice place and so friendly. When you are walking down the road people smile at you for no reason! It really helps you to settle. The campus is really close to shops and other necessities within the city centre, which is something I liked because it’s a lot less daunting. My advice to new students coming to UCLan would be to experiment with new things and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and join groups and societies.

Around campus it is really safe here; there’s a police station nearby, on campus security team and a free late bus service from the library. I work part-time, so there’s definitely an opportunity to earn some extra money if you would like to. It’s easy to make friends because the University is so close to Preston City Centre, which means it’s very diverse with many different faces and cultures. There’s lots to get involved in here – alongside studying and working, I socialise as much as possible and go out with friends and I also volunteer for the Students’ Union. My work for BAME students led to me winning the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise Inspiring Female Student Award which has made me very proud alongside my academic achievements.