Sports Management graduate becomes Director of Operations at Ribby Hall

BA (Hons) Sports Management, 2002

University of Central Lancashire graduate, Mark Leech, has been appointed as Director of Operations at five-star holiday resort, Ribby Hall Village, which is based in Lancashire.

Mark, who graduated from University in 2002 with a degree in Sports Management, has worked at Ribby Hall Village for 19 years, after joining the business as bar staff whilst he was a student.

Mark Leech
Mark Leech

After graduating, Mark was offered the role as Swimming Pool Manager at Ribby Hall Village and then worked his way up to General Manager of the Health Club and on to the senior management team.

Mark says that “19 years of working at Ribby Hall Village has taught him that a business cannot stand still if it wants to survive and prosper” and with this, Mark was instrumental in bringing well-known high street chains; Starbucks, Papa Johns and SPAR, to the holiday village.

In his role as Director of Operations, Mark will look after many of Ribby Hall Village’s diverse offerings, as well as managing 346 members of staff. Speaking about the challenge ahead, Mark said: “We have exciting plans for Ribby Hall in the coming years and I’m determined that everyone here has the opportunity to contribute towards achieving those goals.

“It’s a competitive business and, with the right people and a focussed leadership, we can continue to deliver quality products, services and experiences for our guests as well the local area.”

Looking back at his time at University, Mark cites his “lifelong interest in sport” as the reason he chose to study Sports Management at the University of Central Lancashire. He said: “I always enjoyed being in and around sport and felt it was always going to be the main focus of my career.”

When asked about his time at University of Central Lancashire, as well as if he had any advice for people starting out, Mark said: “I had a great time at the University of Central Lancashire. Work hard, believe in yourself, keep a look out for opportunities and when you see them take them. And, don’t forget to be nice to people along the way.”