Visiting the USA to study a Ballistics and Shooting Reconstruction course

BSc Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation

After a lifelong passion for criminal investigation, Lauren Hickson was always going to end up loving every minute of her time studying Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation at UCLan.

From the state-of-the-art facilities to the teaching that she describes as “faultless” the BSc course impressed Lauren greatly.

“The course is largely based around practical classes either in the laboratory or the crime scene houses and the lecturers are all practitioners with a large amount of experience in criminal investigations across the country,” Lauren said.

Lauren believes that because students are given the opportunity to experience a number of different aspects of forensic science and criminal investigation in their first year, it sets them up to get the most out of the course in the second and third years.

“I loved how first year explored a number of areas, such as the law, crime scene and the forensic science aspect. It meant that we could find exactly which area interested us the most,” Lauren said. “Over the past three years I have progressively become more organised and pro-active, which is good preparation for a job.”

Her excellent work on the course has not gone unnoticed from her lecturers as well as outside employers with Lauren recently securing herself a placement with Greater Manchester Police shadowing a Crime Scene Investigator.

“I am absolutely over the moon with securing this placement as I know the opportunity is invaluable due to work experience in this area of expertise at a minimal,” Lauren said.

Meanwhile, within the University itself, Lauren has been helping with teaching on the second year module ‘Advanced Crime Scene’, which pays testament to the trust and belief her lecturers have in her.

With her time as a UCLan undergraduate coming to an end, there is one more big opportunity on the horizon. Along with another six students, Lauren is visiting the Henry C Lee Forensic Science institute in New Haven, USA to study a Ballistics and Shooting Reconstruction course.

“We will carry out a week-long course at the institute, using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in order to enhance our knowledge in this specialist area. The course includes a trip to the shooting range and a trip to the New York Police Department and the Medical Examiner Laboratories in New York.

Lauren Hickson has nothing but good things to say about her time at UCLan, calling it a “great University” with “fantastic opportunities to study abroad and gain work experience.”

Lauren Hickson
Lauren Hickson