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Invaluable skills learnt in religious studies

Religion, Culture and society BA (Hons)

During my time at UCLan studying for my BA in Religion Culture and Society, I was able to develop and cultivate a number of skills that have been invaluable to me in the workplace. Particularly the experience I was able to gain on the placement module, which I completed in the Religious Studies Department at Cardinal Newman College. The whole experience was fantastic, from the people we interacted with to the skills we gained. As part of the placement I was required to plan lessons, support students and deliver sessions to the class. Delivering these sessions really helped me develop confidence in speaking in front of a group of people, confidence which is needed when delivering important messages- a skill which I have found to be vital in my current position as Fundraising Coordinator at Lancashire Mind. The ability to carefully plan and deliver is also something which has become incredibly useful to me when managing projects and the insight gained from that placement prepared me for entering a new workplace. All in all it was a great experience.

- Fabienne Clough, Fundraising Coordinator Lancashire Mind. 


Fabienne Clough (left)