Career routes in religion

Not knowing what career path she wanted to go down, Catherine chose to study the subject that she excelled at through her A Level studies. Catherine also knew that a degree in religion could lead to many different job roles.

Catherine found that the Religion, Culture and Society degree at UCLan particularly stood out and suited her style of learning due to the debate and writing assessment approach, rather than exam based assessments. 

Catherine says: “I would 100 per cent recommend this course to anyone with an interest in the subject. You gain an extensive knowledge of a wealth of different subjects and this means that you are prepared for any debate topic that someone throws your way.”

Catherine believes that one of the best aspects of the course is the small, intimate discussion groups in which they learn, rather than in a lecturer theatre of hundreds of students.

Following her graduation from the course, Catherine decided to take on a Masters in Religion, Culture and Society at UCLan as she enjoyed the course so much.