Beth Kevan followed her passion to study dance

BA (Hons) Dance Performance and Teaching, 2017

UCLan Dance Performance and Teaching graduate, Beth Kevan, has taken her dance journey overseas to become Head Dance Academy Instructor at the five-star Sani Resort in Greece.

Beth followed her passion to study dance and set out to reach her career goal of building her own business, on starting the BA (Hons) Dance Performance and Teaching degree at UCLan. At the time, she was unsure whether to specialise in performance or teaching after completing her degree, but the course taught both areas as well as additional practices, that would benefit her career.

During her degree, Beth was given placement opportunities and chose to complete them in areas where she lacked experience, at primary and secondary schools as well as with pre-school children.

Following graduation in 2017, Beth was promoted to management level in her retail job, which she had worked part-time in during her studies. A year later, she made the decision to leave her retail job in order to pursue her dance career.

Dance academy
Dance academy

Beth applied for several positions around the world before being offered a role as a Dance Academy Instructor at the five-star Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece. Beth cited this as “one of the most exciting times in my whole life”. She lived in Greece for the duration of the 2018 Summer season whilst fulfilling this role, then completed a ski contract in the winter season.

Beth has now returned to Greece for the Summer 2019 season to resume her current role as Head Dance Academy Instructor for Worldwide Kids. This job involves teaching different genres of dance to children of varying age groups who join the Dance Academy whilst on holiday in the Sani Resort. Beth is also trained to deliver ‘Move with Peppa’ which is a fully licensed physical literacy programme for children under five years-old.

Reflecting on her time at UCLan, Beth speaks highly of her course. She said: “I cannot praise the course and staff within the department enough for the help and support I was given throughout my three years. There is an amazing sense of community within the year groups. There was always support around whenever I needed it and I was able to make so many friends who are now working in the same industry.”

Beth further added: “My current job role required a degree in dance or similar, so it was important that I completed my degree to pursue my career. The skills I have learned have opened so many new opportunities to me and given me the courage to set goals and try new things.”

When asked what advice she would give to prospective students and graduates wishing to follow the same career path, Beth stated: “The thing that stood out to me about this course was that it sets you up for so many different aspects of life. Aside from technique, performance and teaching skills, you are also invited to business classes, mock auditions and given interview tips. Another amazing aspect is that the creativity of the department allows you to work with other courses such as fashion, photography and musical theatre. It gives you a huge learning experience in so many different areas.”