North Korean Studies masters student Ami Garrod-Rogers tells us her experience

I chose to study at the University of Central Lancashire as it was the only university in the UK to offer the North Korean Studies masters and having been an undergraduate student previously, I felt comfortable studying here again for another year as I had really good experiences. 

"I can’t thank the lecturers enough for making the course even better than I anticipated."

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The lecturers, especially Sojin and Jeong-Im made the course unforgettable for me – they really are an asset to the University of Central Lancashire and I can’t thank them all enough for the past 5 years I’ve been here.

The modules covered were also really interesting and the University of Central Lancashire has experts in the field who taught us, and they were excellent.

Whilst we were doing the MA, Sojin gave us the opportunity to help organise talks with other lecturers from different universities, making it a valuable learning experience.

Alongside my degree I also worked a part-time job, which was anywhere from 12 hours a week to 39. It was a really difficult time but the lecturers were really understanding and helped in every way they could. Without their help and my determination, I don’t think I would have done as well as I did.

Ami Garrod-Rogers
Ami Garrod-Rogers

For anyone considering this programme I’d say it’s not going to be easy but if you’re determined and hardworking you can do well. If you’re even a little worried, stressed or struggling then go and speak to someone, as the University and the lecturers would literally bend over backwards to help you, and that’s something I’m truly thankful for during my time at here. 

Ami is currently studying for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test and Test of Proficiency in Korean exams to take them next year, as well as preparing a proposal for a PhD to start in the near future.