External Advisers

Welcome to the University of Central Lancashire External Adviser Information Pack

Thank you for agreeing to act as an external adviser to the University of Central Lancashire. The following documentation and pro forma are designed to provide you with guidance on your role. Event specific information will be provided to you separately.

Generic Content (for use in all events)

University Mission Statement

External Adviser Information Booklet : Explains your role as part of the Course Approval and Review process

Refer to the following guidance when reviewing the documentation submitted to you.

Threshold Criteria for Course Approval

Guidance on disability issues

Library Learning & Resources: Instructions for Accessing the On-line Library Catalogue

• Expenses: Guidelines and Claim Form

Please complete the expenses form after the event and return it to the reporting officer. (Original receipts are required to ensure you are not taxed on out of pocket expenses; these can be forwarded to the reporting officer.)

• Map and Directions : Campus map and directions to campus

Specific Pro Forma and Documentation

External advisers are requested to submit a brief report in advance of all course approval and periodic course review events.

Course Approval Event
Pre-event feedback pro forma (academic external adviser): On Campus and UK & Overseas Partners

Pre-event feedback pro forma (industry/professional external adviser): On Campus and UK & Overseas Partners

Periodic Review

PR process document (on campus)

PR process document (off campus)

Pre-event feedback pro forma (Academic External Adviser)

The University values your opinions and welcomes your comments to help improve processes. With this in mind we would be grateful if you could complete this Online Feedback Questionnaire. Please contact the Reporting Officer if you require any clarification.