Academic Quality and Compliance

Course Developer's Guide

Course Developer's Guide

New ideas for course developments should be channelled in the first instance to your Head of School.

The University Course Planning Committee (a sub-committee of Academic Board) is responsible for granting strategic approval for all new course proposals to proceed to course development and inclusion in the Course Approval Schedule.

For course planning timescales see Planning New Courses (UCLan Campus) 2019/20 Start or Planning New Courses (Collaborative) 2019/20 Start.

  1. Market Research for New Courses
  2. Course Resource Audit Forms (CRAF)
  3. Resource Proforma for UK Collaborative events that do not include a tour of Learning Resources
  4. a. Module Descriptor
    b. Module Level Descriptors
    c. Module Descriptor Guidance
  5. Module Teaching Scheme
  6. Guidance notes on Developing and Completing Programme Specifications and Programme Specification Template
  7. Curriculum Vitae – Standard Short Format
  8. Threshold Criteria for Course Approval
  9. Distance Learning Programmes – Additional Information for Course Developers and Course Approval Panels
  10. Foundation Degrees – Additional Information for Course Developers and course approval Panels
  11. Nomination of External Advisers
  12. Student Handbooks Guidance on Content
  13. Response to Conditions Proforma
  14. Course/Module Amendment Process
    Form 1 – for proposed change to module(s) and/or courses
    Form 2 - for consultation with external examiners
    Form 3 - for approval of adoption of a module from a different School
    Form 4 - Guidance on consultation with students
  15. Approval to offer external awards
  16. Glossary of Terminology
  17. Flow Charts: Time scales for course development
  18. Request for Fast Track Planning Consent
  19. Proposal form for exemption from the University Academic Regulations
  20. Guidance on Assessment Workload
  21. Course Title Change Request Form