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Dr Wayne Noble

Digital Publishing Lecturer, Criminologist
School of Arts and Media

Dr. Noble has been the Digital Publishing Lecturer on the MA Publishing course as well as being Digital Director for UCLan Publishing and published criminologist for a decade. He is expert in these fields and is a fellow and founder member of UCRU (UCLan Cybercrime Research Unit).

In his current role as Digital Publishing Lecturer on the BA and MA Publishing courses he leads several modules which deliver essential digital skills to students that seek to enter the profession of publishing. These modules focus on equipping students with the appropriate skills to produce interactive content for eBooks, as well as coaching them when they undertake valuable work-based experience.

Dr. Noble came academia as a mature student after a career in the Mental Health Act administration deciding to pursue his interest in criminology. He successfully completed a Master’s degree by research and has also completed a PhD in the application of Nietzschean philosophy to online activities. During his time at UCLan, he became involved in a research project about book piracy and discovered that he had a natural talent for publishing and was quickly recruited by UCLan Publishing where he became a fixture. He has considerable experience of teaching across different schools combining elements of the arts and media with law and criminology. His maturity and patience make him exceptional at teaching the intricacies of digital publishing and other abstract concepts.

He has written several book chapters as part of his continued association with UCRU and regularly uses his research to inform his teaching around the subject of intellectual property in publishing. He is currently focused on developing modules on right and contracts based from his own personal experience and research.